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Are you amazed at the claims or reports of some internet marketing gurus on how they make six digits every month? Do you ask yourself if it is true for someone to make 10 000+ USD on the internet? Yes, it is. If you already have your own website or blog up and running, you can leverage it to make good income from it. However, you must have put in a lot of efforts upfront before it can start to yield tangible dividends. Below are the proven ways you can make money online via you website or blog:

Create and sell your own product

This is the best ways you can make money and keep as much as 100% of the sales to yourself, depending on your marketing strategy and type of product you are selling. Top earning internet marketers make a great deal of their monthly income via selling their own products. You can sell your own digital products on your website or blog if you already have a strong customer list. You can decide to create training courses, ebooks, games, videos, and so on. You just need to find a pressing need of your target audience (already you have built a customer list, so it should be easier) and create a product that solves that need. The beauty of this money-making opportunity is that you only invest lots of sweat in creating the product and initial promotion of the product, after this you can earn passively and for as long as the product is still existing (passive income).

Affiliate Marketing

An alternative to creating and selling your own product is promoting other people’s products on your website or blog. This is easier only if you have built loyal customer lists from a responsive readership on your website or blog. Anytime you promote a product from another person and your readers buy it, you are paid a certain percentage of the product’s selling price. You leverage on the trusts and rapport you have built over the years with your customers to push for sales. ClickBank, Amazon and Ebay are reputable and established sites with affiliate programs. If you register with Amazon, you are called an ‘associate’.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an old tested and proven method of earning some amount of income on your website. Google pays its affiliates a certain percentage of the paid advertisements displayed on their websites. If your site is content-rich and is getting huge organic traffic then you sure can make a sizeable income from the ads network. In the Adsense program, as a publisher, you get paid when visitors click on an ad displayed on your website, and this varies from $0.50 to $5 per click depending on the niche of the ads displayed. This scheme however is not a ‘get rich quick’ method but it is reliable. It is a business of numbers, the higher the traffic you get on your site, the greater the chances of getting higher clicks. So if you are ready to exploit this money making opportunity, register for a Google Adsense account but ensure you have read their terms before applying so that your application will not be rejected.

Google Adsense Alternatives

There are several other alternative ads programs similar to Google Adsense. Many webmasters combine Google Adsense with other safe or Adsense compatible ads network to increase their monthly pay check, while others migrated to Adsense alternatives because their application was rejected or their Adsense account was banned. Some of these alternative ads program include Infolinks, Qadabra, Bidvertiser, Tribal Fusion, Clicksor, etc. You can monetize your website or blog with these programs and achieve success if you are in a hot niche and with humongous traffic.

So if you really want to make money online with your website, these monetization techniques have proved over the years to be highly effective.

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