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Are you tired staying at home just whiling your time away at the TV? Do you have a skill or talent that is sellable? Are you thinking of credible ways you can make continuous stream of income on the internet? If you have been looking for answers to any of these questions, then you’ve got to read through this eye-opening article.

The internet can be likened to a vast expanse of land without end, people that make money on it are like farmers who carve out a piece for themselves and cultivate it to make ends meet. While there are productive plots and plantations there, there are several abandoned lands too. Only those with the right products/services coupled with patience and the right strategy make the most of it. Do you know that there are millions of people out there, from different corners of the world, who are exactly looking for what you have: your skills/training/talent. What you need to do is just get the right platform to sell your skills. So what the skills that are fast selling like hot cakes?

Graphic Designing

graphic design

This is one of the hottest skills anyone can sell online. If you are very innovative and good at designing visual and textual content using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc, there are lots of requests out there for your skill. Graphic designs such as logo, banners, official stationery documents such as letterhead, and e-book cover designs, cartoons, and others are sourced everyday by individuals and companies. If you are creative and hardworking, you can net a fat check every month.



Do you write as a hobby? Can you write sales pitch, copies, academic write-ups, articles, business plans, marketing plans, articles, essays, reviews and product descriptions? If your answer is yes and you are hard working, then you should consider selling your writing skill online. There is a big market for writing; companies (HR, advertising, and so on) looking for professional freelance writers to cut cost, students who want a professional academic writer to complete their school work, website or blog owners who are in regular need of quality articles to post on their site, the list continues. You can work with as many clients as you like and make as much as you want based on the quality of your work.

Web Designing

web design

Every day, millions of websites are launched in the cyberspace. Web designing is an income mine for professional web designers. There is never going to be an end to demand for this service. If you know how to develop or code a website, solve problems on existing websites, then you are needed. And if you know your onions and can deliver ‘wow’ experience for your clients, you will be raking in decent cash.




Translation is not just a job for anybody, it is for the skilled. If you are someone that is multilingual and can translate texts from one language to another, for example English to Spanish, then you can convert this skill to income opportunity. There are clients who want professional and readable translation, not the Google-type translation for their texts. If you are really good at this, why not sell online?

Online Tutoring

online tutoring

This is another expansive market. There is no limit to the subjects, topics or skills you can teach online; there is always someone who is in need of it. If you are educated you can teach subjects like Algebra, Astronomy, Biology, Calculus, English language, Entrepreneurship, or skills such as playing guitar, cooking, fitness exercises, crafts, etc. You don’t have to own a website to start tutoring, there are several platforms where you can set-up your classes and let your students drink from the wealth of your knowledge while they pay you for doing just that.

These are some of the hottest skills you can sell online and make some cash. But the amount of money you will make depends on the quality of your work, your expertise and experience, the nature of skills you are selling, your selling point and the platform you are using. So don’t stay idle, stay at home but stay busy and earn.

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