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Photography comes is a fun-thing to many people. They love snapping different sceneries, whether nature, wildlife, events, just name it. If you are also obsessed with photography, do you know that you can convert this hobby into a money making activity without even going professional? Yes, you can. You can sell your photos on apps and on websites. Equipped with your camera or smartphone, internet connection and a computer then you can make some money doing what you enjoy doing – taking photographs. There is a big market for stock photos on the internet as bloggers, website owners, magazine publishers and advertising companies are in regular demand for different creative pictures for their content publications. As long as those pictures meet the quality requirements of the platforms where you want to sell them and there are no copyright issues, you can sure make extra cash with your photos.

Sell Stock Photos on Smartphone Apps

There are quite a couple of smartphone apps where users can sell their stock photographs. One of such mobile apps is Foap. You can upload your best shots with this app to the Foap market. If your photos get well rated, it is then posted in the Foap Market where people can buy it for $10 per photo. You will be paid 50% of the selling price, that is, $5. Assuming your stock photo is bought by 100 people, this means you get to pocket $500 from the sale, and this continues for as long as the photo continues to sell. The recommended portfolios of photos you can sell on Foap are photos of people, animals, various work environments, travel and tours, cities, nature, tools, things, and close-up photos.

Sell Stock Photos on Websites

There are tons of sites where you can sell your stock photos. The good sides to these online stock photo marketplaces include free sign-up and continuous stream of income on every sale made on your uploaded pictures. You will be paid commissions in form of royalty, each time your photos sell on their site.

Some of the popular stock photo sites are:

Note that each stock photo agency or site has its particular requirements for acceptance, so you should familiarize yourself with their rules and guidelines for submission to avoid rejection. But if your submission is rejected by one site, switch over to another but learn from the experience.

Tips to make more sales on your stock photos

  • Optimize your pictures with good search phrases (keywords) so that they can rank higher when buyers search for relevant stock photos on the site.
  • Do some light editing to improve the quality before uploading.
  • Every rejection offers some lessons, so learn from past rejections to improve on your future submissions.
  • Get your photos noticed. Promote your photos on blogs, forums, and social media sites. You can give free samples of your photos on Morgue File and insert a link to your stock photos that are up for sale.
  • Understand the type of photos that sell most and start taking great snapshots of them.
  • Upload as many stock photos as possible to increase your earnings.
  • Sell on multiple sites. There are two sides to this; while you can make more money uploading same pictures to more than one stock photo website, some sites pay higher commission for pictures exclusively submitted to their site.

The truth must be said here, unless you are a professional photographer or you are planning to be one, don’t expect to make loads of cash through this medium. But mind you, selling stock photos is just another way of earning extra cash to foot your bills still doing what you love doing – taking snapshots! While most of these sites pay peanuts (less than $1) on every download, you can still make over $100 per month if you can upload lots of creative high-quality photos.

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