eBay is a big marketplace for selling just anything, yes anything you can think of. From old or unused items piled up in the garage to new and latest products, there is just no limit to what you can sell. That stuff that you think is a waste may turn out to be what someone else is looking for. So whether you are just looking for an online business you can combine with your regular day job to make extra cash or your plan is to set up an online store without actually owning a site, then eBay is a good option for you to consider. eBay is quite easy to get started with.

If your goal is to make a sizeable and consistent income from eBay and not just to dispose off some junks in your collections, then you need to follow the steps highlighted in this post.

Step #1: Sign up with eBay

This is a very simple step to take. Visit the site and open an eBay account at no cost.

Step #2: Find a product that sells to market

If your aim is to make good money with eBay, it is advisable you choose a popular product with regular demands and with decent profit margin for you. You don’t want to stock up items that have little or no demand. You can use the advanced search feature on eBay to research what item is in hot demand and the price it goes for. Make sure you have included your expenses such as 10% eBay’s commission for each sale, PayPal’s fees and others, in the price of the product.

Also ensure that you can always get continuous supply of the product to meet customers’ demands. You can use wholesalers or dropshippers for your product stock. As you already know, you can always get bulk supplies at cheaper prices from trusted wholesalers, dropshippers move a step further; they relieve you of the headache of sales fulfillment. They handle the shipping for you once you pay for the unit required and supply them with buyer’s information. You can search for wholesalers using search engines. Another technique you can use to get product is to use other ecommerce sites.

Step 3: Market your product

Upload high quality pictures of the product you are selling, fill in the title and description appropriately. Incorporate keywords into the description, it helps to boost the ranks of your product in the listing. You can catch the attention of customers by offering lower prices for your products but you should also know that people are quick to attach price to quality.

Step #4: Optimize your product listing

One method you can use to increase the chances of your product being listed high up is by incorporating keywords into the description. What are the words you would search if you were a buyer looking to buy that product? You can also offer free shipping to attract customers.

Step #5: Order fulfillment

You should not joke with this aspect if really you want to eke a living or make tangible income from eBay. You need to build your feedback in order to become a trusted seller. So you have to be able to manage and process transaction effectively. Once an order is placed for your listed product, ensure you package it very well and ship it ASAP to the buyer. When you give your buyers a wonderful customer service, they will be prompted to also give you excellent seller rating. The more your score accumulates, the higher your seller status. With time, you reach the ultimate PowerSeller status.

With this status, buyers will trust you more than lower cadres of sellers. So you can boost your earnings by charging more for your product listings.

eBay remains one of the genuine ways through which anyone can make money selling online. However you should not let the excitement of your expectations becloud reality. You need to put in some efforts and improve on your marketing skills before you can achieve tangible success with eBay.

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