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Many people believe that making money online seems an almost impossible task, so they do not even attempt giving any of such ideas their littlest attention. While it is not always easy to earn online, especially when it comes to the big figures, the truth is that anyone that knows his or her way can still earn some decent cash. One of the great ways you can earn good money from the internet is through domain flipping. Domain flipping is a profitable online activity with the potentials of quick and high return on investment. Do you know that more than 47 million new domains are registered every year? This tells you that there is a big market for domain names.

Domain Flipping means buying a domain name at a lower rate and then selling it at a higher rate for quick profit. For example, you may buy a domain for $150 and sell it for $250. That is leaves a gain of $100. The more domains you sell, the more your earnings. So think about it in a very big way. It is a kind of quick trade. However, you need to learn the ropes of you are really going to make pretty enough cash from your investments. One of the first things to learn in the business is choosing the right (quickly sellable) domain name. In choosing a domain name, you should consider the following points:

  • Buy domains with easy-to-remember (short) names
  • Buy keyword rich domains
  • Brandable domains fetch good money to the owner
  • Choose .com domain extensions, but if your target is for a particular country, consider country-specific domains such as co.au for Australia, co.uk for the United Kingdom.

Steps involved in domain flipping

Register with online marketplaces for buying and selling of domain

There are online platforms where domain names are auctioned or traded off. Two of the largest and reputable domain marketplaces are Sedo and Flippa. While Sedo is purely dedicated to trading and parking domain names, Flippa is very popular for buying and selling websites. These websites are meeting points for buyers and sellers of domain names. So the first step is to sign up with one or two of these domain auction sites. They offer exhaustive domain listings due to their high traffic volume and popularity.

Buying Domain name

When you see a good domain name to buy, then you should submit a bid for it on the site. You should not bid for a domain if you are not interested in buying it as you are obliged to pay for it once the seller accepts your offer. Do not offer a price above the reserved price of a domain. The reserved price is the lowest price that the seller will accept as the winning bid. Ensure you carry out due diligence on the domain before you make a bid for it, even though these sites verify details of the listings. Once your bid is accepted, proceed to payment and then transfer of ownership to you (as the new buyer).

Selling Domain Name

Whenever you are ready to sell your domain name, return to the site and list your domain name for auction. Write a convincing description for the domain not forgetting to include all the important details that buyers would want to know. You may be charged for listing your domain depending on what type of listings you go for. For example Flippa charges $9 for auctions and nothing for classified listing, but what is common to all domain marketplaces is that they charge a percentage of the selling price as their commission. They handle the financial aspect of the sales, so you do not have to worry on payment.

You will continue to learn more about the business as you flip more and more domains. With time and experience, you would become a pro amassing wealth from it. Domain flipping is sure a profitable method of earning decent money online. Get started NOW.

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There are indeed several ways to make money online but not all methods have the potentials to make fat cash. If you are thinking of an online business to rake in huge money, then you should master website flipping. Many webmasters or pro bloggers who are big online earners get a big chunk of their income from this business model.

So what is website flipping? Website flipping simply means the technique of buying and selling a website for significant profit. The website can be one that you built from the scratch to a well-developed level that can sell for high price or one that you buy at small fee and developed to an established status before selling it off for premium price. Either way, you can make lots of money with website flipping. Do you get the idea? Now that you have understood the basics of website flipping, what steps should you follow to start flipping websites?

Step 1: Select a niche

Whether you want to build your website from the scratch or you want to buy a ready-made one, you must have a niche for your business. Your niche could be fitness, android technology, vegetarian, or any specific topic that people seek information on. In order to succeed at this, your niche must be a hot one and that with effective demand for offers by the target audience.

Step 2: Research your keywords

Keywords are essential drivers of organic traffic to a website. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner or Keywordtool.io to research your keywords and audience demographics and their Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Ensure you choose valuable keywords without too much competition, normally below 100 000 competition. As an addition, also find secondary key search terms to support your main keywords when you write content for your website.

Step 3: Purchase a unique premium domain name

A domain name consisting of target keyword helps in boosting PR of a website. Use a name that is easy to remember and registered most preferably as dot com. Since your aim is to make high profit, you should register the site with a cheap host such as NameCheap. And if you are buying a readymade website, same rules apply.

Step 4: Design a simple but great looking website

You don’t have to be skilled in graphics design to create a nice-looking site. You can select from thousands of free templates online such as OSWD.org. Work around these free templates to create clean design and with easy navigation.

Step 5: Create rich content

Now that you have registered the domain name, now is the time to channel efforts into building the site. And if it is a makeover site, this is where work begins on it. The quality of your site content determines the amount of traffic your site gets. So post articles based on your target keywords and positioned in strategic places such as the title and body of the writer, such that the keywords flow naturally and are not crowded or occur more than about five times. It is advisable you have not less than 50 articles of a minimum of 500 words on your site. Even if it’s a site you are making over, you should clean the site up and add fresh and relevant content to it.

Step 6: Submit your website to search engines and website directories

If you want faster result in the visibility of your site, you should consider submitting your website to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and MSN. You can also submit to DMOZ for listing. You can get a boost in your SERP position.

Step 7: Begin to promote your website

Increase your site’s popularity by promoting it on social media sites, ghost writing in ezines sites, guest write on other people’s sites operating in your niche to build reputable backlinks. Generate high organic traffic to your site and build a responsive readership. If you can have an email list, that’s an additional asset to sell for more money.

Step 8: Monetize your site

Don’t forget that your plan is to sell your developed or acquired website for huge profit. If you can monetize the site, the better the prospect is of selling for big profit. If your site can be making an average of $50 per month, you can auction it for a price above $1000.

Once you are able to achieve all these steps, then you are poised for taking the next big step, selling!

websites for sale


Website flipping is not a simple task but it is lucrative. You can pull off a mega deal if you are creative and smart enough in the business. I have seen some pro internet marketers who developed a website from scratch to popularity; sell it for huge amounts and move on to another project. The factors a seller will consider before buying a website from a seller include:

  • the average amount of organic traffic the site is getting per day and per month
  • the richness and uniqueness of the domain name
  • niche, target keywords and site popularity
  • current revenue generated on the site
  • search rankings of the site for a targeted keyword in Google search engine
  • whether it is a user-friendly site
  • additional assets of the website such as email list of subscribers
  • whois history of the site to know if it has clean record or has been banned before.

So before you begin the process of selling, you should prepare documents to bolster your claims. If a buyer requests you to present concrete evidence, you won’t be caught unawares.

How can you sell your website for profit?

Step 1: Find a client

If you want to sell your established website to another person, you should look for places where you can get prospective buyers. You can use public auction or private sale. Website-for-sale marketplaces or auction sites include Flippa, SitePoint, Freemarket and so on.

Step 2: Bargain the price

If you are listing your site at an auction site, ensure you set your reserve price as the least price you can go for. When a buyer submits his bid, you don’t have to accept a bid that does not satisfy your goal of high profit margin. So get ready to use your negotiation skills to cut a lucrative deal. Imagine investing just $250 to a site and selling it off for $500! That’s $250 profit, all for you at 100%.

Step 3: Accept bids in good faith

If you are selling your site on an auction site, you are required to sell to the buyer with the highest accepted bid. Therefore you should only accept offers from those buyers you are comfortable selling your website to. In a private sale, the bid ends once you accept a bid. Endeavor to research prospective buyers before accepting their claims.

Step 4: Complete the sale

Now that you’ve got a bid that you are happy with, then you can proceed to finalizing the deal. Get paid by the buyer. Transfer control of the site to its new owner now. Then move to the next project. Buy another site and flip it for money. The more sites you buy and sell, the greater your income.

Website flipping is a proven technique of making serious money online. However, it requires some efforts and consistency in order to break through in this business. That is why you must understand how it works. So are you prepared to venture into website flipping?