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No matter how passionate you are about blogging, if you are not getting readers on your blog, it won’t take long before your interest begins to fade. It is not an easy task to drive traffic to your blog except you have some cash to spend on marketing campaign. And if your aim is not to just keep an online journal of things, but to make money from your blog, you must be ready to get traffic.

What if I tell you that there are legitimate ways by which you can get traffic to your blog free of charge! No black hat or grey hat. These are what I’m exactly going to show you in this post. So read on.

Keep it fresh and hot

Do you know that content plays a vital role to driving traffic to any site? When you post quality and valuable content on your blog, readers will keep on coming for more. And before you know it, your post has gone viral. So you should invest in putting up content which helps to solve people’s problem on your blog. And also plan a regular schedule for posting contents. It may be every other day or weekly, once you choose a time plan, keep to it or better it.

Offer free product

Giving freebies is one of the most effective methods of driving free traffic to a blog. Why? Everybody loves free things. You may give out free e-books or free tips that solve a particular problem faced by the audience in your niche. If they find this free information material valuable and really helpful, they keep coming for more and they also tell it to their friends and families. They will want to visit your site everyday to get fresh information because you have gained their trust.

Leverage your social media presence

Social media remains one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. Promote your website or blog on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts. Post valuable write-ups or information on your wall and you will be amazed how people will click through your website link. Another method you can use is to make write relevant and helpful comments on other people’s posts using your website’s social media account, people will begin to respect you and from there you can corner decent traffic to your site or blog.

Optimize your website

The best source of traffic is from organic search in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you improve on the on-site optimization of your website or blog, gradually you will be ranking higher and become noticed by people who search for information on these search engines. While trying to optimize your site, ensure whatever strategy you are using is purely white-hat to avoid being blacklisted by Google. If you are using WordPress for your site, then you should consider utilizing WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Link to other niche-related sites

Backlinks are very important in getting popularity on search engines and among other internet marketers. However, gone are the days when link farms and link spamming help bloggers rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Linking with other relevant sites especially high authority websites or blogs is a free and legitimate way of getting free traffic to your site. Submit articles to different websites (guest posts) and insert your link at the end of the post. If readers find your content valuable, they will want to know more about you, and therefore click on your link.

You can as well mention other blogs in your web page content, soon enough they will notice you and return you the favor if they see that you are an authority in your niche too. This links back to the first point – keep your content fresh and hot!

Make comments on other people’s post

Another easy way to grab people’s attention and drive them to your site is by commenting on other people’s posts on forums, social media handles, and blogs. When you contribute comments that help solve a problem or provide valuable suggestions or resourceful answers to a query, you catch people’s attention. Just simply add a link to a relevant hot-topic post on your site. That’s it!

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