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CPM is one of the easiest ways to make money online via your website. CPM means Cost Per Million Impressions or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. An impression refers to the display of an ad on your website. When you join a CPM network and the ads begin to show on your website or blog, you will be paid for every one thousand times the ad shows. Unlike CPC where you earn only when readers click on your ads or CPA where “action-taking” is a basic requirement, CPM does not require the littlest of an action. Just display the ads and get paid, simple! But the only way you are going to make any money out of this method is if your website or blog is getting good traffic. Don’t forget that the program pays per thousand impressions. Let’s do some simple calculations here.

CPM Earning = (Number of pageviews/1000) × CPM rate

If for example your site gets an average of 50 000 page views per day and your CPM rate is $2, which means you will be earning a minimum of $100 per day or $3000 per month. Imagine getting that pay check just displaying CPM ads!

Now let’s look at some CPM programs that you can enroll with to monetize your website.

Technorati Media

Technorati is one of the biggest and trusted advertising networks in the world, and it offers various quality ads in different niches. One of the downsides of Technorati is that you are required to stick with them only. Therefore, you cannot combine their ads with ads from another network. Technorati pays out a minimum of $50 to its publishers and on NET 60 terms, meaning you get paid after 60 days of hitting the minimum pay out. Payment is made through PayPal, check and wire transfer.

CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive provides different types of ads like leaderboard (728 × 90), banners (468× 60), skyscraper (120 × 600), pop-unders, pop-ups and others. So there is always an option that will align with your blog. The payment term of CPX is called NET 30 and with a minimum payout of $50. NET 30 simply means you can only cash out your payment, on reaching or exceeding minimum payout, after 30 days of displaying ad on your site. Payment mode includes PayPal, check and wire transfer.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is not easy to join, it only considers sites generating at least 5 000 unique visitors per day. So it is an ads program for websites with high-end traffic. Tribal Fusion ads offer quality ads with higher rate, and the minimum payout is $50 via check.

Conversant Media

Conversant Media offers ads from top advertisers from different niches such as automobiles, cellular carriers, pharmaceutical companies, travel firms, top retailers and so on. If you are getting decent or moderate traffic on your site, you will be accepted into the program. Minimum payout is $25 and payment is made through PayPal or check.

Burst Media

Burst Media also has minimum requirements for acceptation into the network. Your site must be getting a minimum of 25 000 page views/month and 5 000 unique visitors/month. So if your traffic level fits into these requirements, you can apply to join them. Burst Media offers different options of ad formats. Minimum payout is $50 and payment methods are PayPal, check and EFT.

There are several other trusted ads networks, but the only way you can make money via CPM networks is to have decent traffic to your site. Don’t forget that the pricing model is per thousand impressions.

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