Twitter is a social networking site with more than 300 million active users. According to Statista, Twitter ranked as the third most visited site in the United States in 2015. The microblogging site is in fact the SMS of the internet as communications are made in real-time in the form of “tweets”. The platform is used by both businesses and individuals to keep in touch with customers and FAF (friends and families) respectively. A business or money-minded person can leverage the followership and global use of the network to improve sales or make some cash.

If you are a proficient Twitter user; one with multitudes of followers and creative with tweeting, then you can convert your Twitter account to a money making machine. Let your socializing earn you some cash. Below are some of the methods you can make money with your twitter account:

Affiliate Marketing

Register with Kwerdo to get different campaigns from businesses that want to promote their products and services on the internet. Sign up various campaigns that correlate with the interests of your Twitter followers. Then promote the shortened URL generated for you on Twitter with a catchy product description. Kwerdo pays you for every valid page view on their site, generated through your affiliate links.

However if you are a blogger, you can direct traffic from your twitter account to the affiliate links on your blog. What you need to do is to get a good and valuable product and promote it on your blog. Ensure you put your affiliate link in your tweets, something like 1 link per 20 tweets. Just don’t overdo it, and ensure the product is something your customers are interested in.

Sponsored Tweeting

Do you know that lot of companies are in search of popular Twitter accounts to tweet their products to their massive followers? If your Twitter account commands such type of followership, why not make some cash with it? There a couple of sponsored tweeting sites such as MyLikes, Ad.ly, Rev Twt and Twittad with lists of companies looking for sponsored ads on Twitter. You can sign up accounts with one or two of these great ad services, and tweet the sponsored ad to your followers at intervals which will not irritate your followers.

Many celebrities on Twitter like Audrina Patridge, Khloe Kardashian, Boston Rob, and a host of others earn big per tweet from advertisers. Though you may not have same fame and followership as they do, but with as low as 50 followers, you are good to go.

Promote and Sell Your Own Products

Social media networks are one of the most important channels of creating product awareness and making sales due to their large global audience. If you have your own products, why not boost your sales by tweeting about it? This way, you get to make bigger sales to a wider and larger audience than your blog. You can use your Twitter account to promote Amazon products, eBay auctions, Teespring shirts, as well as Etsy crafts, or any other product you have. Generate a shortened link to the product and tweet about it on your Twitter account. And don’t forget to spice it up with juicy words.

Do you still have to continue tweeting for nought while still craving for means to make extra cash online, why not avail yourself of this opportunity Twitter offers?

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