Do you have the requisite qualifications, skills and passion for teaching? If yes, then online tutoring may be a very good option for you to eke a living from home or complement your day job. Online tutoring offers geographic independence and some advantageous flexibility for both tutors and students because the meeting place on the internet. You can decide what hours you want to work, your rate and availability. Research has shown that the internet is one of the most visited research sources for students and teachers. There are millions of students who are seeking help with their school work. No matter your subject area, you will always find student clients in need of your services. That means with your expertise, personal computer and internet you can translate your knowledge to real money deal.

You don’t have to start your own website to get hired as there are several sites where you can register to become a tutor. These sites are already established and drive traffic from potential clients. Requirements for registration varies from one site to another but that does not mean all jobs require you to have degree before can complete certain jobs (teaching Spanish, French, etc). However, most legitimate online tutoring firms will ask for your teaching certificate and some will test your expertise on your chosen subject. On some websites, application process is very simple.

How much money can you make from online tutoring?

Online tutors make money on hourly rate, that is, rate per hour. Just how much you can potentially make from taking up online tutoring jobs depends on a variety of factors such as subject type, level of education, number of working hours, years of experience, and so on. Generally, hourly rate for online tutoring varies from $10 to $100. Assuming your per hour rate is set as $50 and you work for a minimum of 5 hours per day, that’s an average of $250 per day. Now multiply that by the number of days you work online, you would be netting thousands of dollars per month.

Online tutoring websites is a great place to start your online tutoring job. It offers great flexibility for making money as an online tutor. There is no application fee but you can boost your chances of being approved if you are capable of handling multiple subjects.

This site is well established and has lots of clients. This means you can always get clients and thus steady income. However it is not easy to gain acceptance to become a tutor on the website. Application requirements for online tutors include cover letter and resume.

You must have at least a degree before you can be considered for tutor position on their site. You are also required to submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your achievement. Your writing skills will be tested with must-to-complete lesson modules.

Other dedicated online tutoring sites include,,, etc.

Asides these online tutoring dedicated websites, you can independently get tutoring jobs from some non-dedicated websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, craiglist ads and so on. You place bids for tutoring jobs on the freelance sites and you can use Skype for the lessons.

Whether you are a professional teacher, lecturer, retiree, college or master degree student or even work-from-home parent, online tutoring can be a good income source if you truly have the passion of the profession and are ready to commit your time to it.

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