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Amazon associate is Amazon’s affiliate program designed for website owners and bloggers to make extra income promoting products and services listed on Amazon on their site. Whenever a visitor from your site buys on Amazon through your affiliate link, you will get a commission for every purchase made within 24 hours. So if you already own a site or blog, you can additionally monetize your site with Amazon Associate. Amazon affiliate program is a great way of making money online; the ecommerce site is a well-grounded brand that is highly trusted by buyers and sellers. You can scale up your earnings through their tiered commission structure as you increase the momentum of advertising them on your site. Many may argue that they pay low commissions but that won’t become a problem because research has revealed that customers tend to purchase more than their initial plans (great point here; Amazon is good at upselling), and Amazon will pay you for every purchase made through your link inside 24 hours (Amazon cookies last only for this period). This does not have to be purchases of advertised products only.

Join Amazon Associate

Sign up with Amazon affiliate program. It is free and very easy to join.

Find Products on Amazon

Now that you have joined and filled out details about your website and verified your identity on Amazon, the next step to take is looking for products to promote to readers on your website or blog. You can search for the best-selling products in any category you want using the bestseller filter.

Select the link that fits your site layout

There are options from which web owners or bloggers can select from when it comes to posting Amazon ads, you can select from image, image and text, and text link to insert in your website. It all factors down to how you want your site to look. If you want to capture your affiliate links for the products you want to promote on your site, you can make use of the Amazon Associates site stripe located at the top of the page.

How to optimize Amazon Associate Income

  • Post rich content on your site

While your goal is to make more money online, never forget that just how much you are going to make is primarily determined by the level of trust between you and your site readers or visitors. The only way you can gain the loyalty of people on your site is to dish out exceptional quality posts every now and then. You should not make your site or posts appear as if all you care about is compelling them to buy products. A subtle but powerful way of getting people to click on your affiliate links and make purchases is to create interesting posts around a particular topic and then recommending products.

  • Use Amazon widgets

Another way to optimize your earnings through Amazon Associate is to add widgets listing various products to your website. A good place to put the widgets is the sidebar of your site.

  • Promote Products worth over $100

Amazon commission starts from 4% of product purchase, scalable to 15%, so if you are only recommending very cheap products to your readers, you won’t make much as commissions. Endeavor to recommend highly valuable high-priced products to your readers to make more money.

  • Create seasonal content schedule for your site

Do you know that people make more purchases around seasonal periods and holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day? These seasons offer big opportunities to make more money with your affiliate links, so create posts recommending various products that people buy ahead of this time. Take your own cut of the buying spree.

  • Leverage on authority websites

You should not rely on your website or blog only to get traffic to your Amazon links, you should also make use of high authority websites such as YouTube to increase your earnings. You can create a short tutorial video on a hot subject topic and then put links to your web pages containing Amazon links to drive traffic and make extra income. It works!

Amazon Associate is a good way to make additional money online with your website or blog. Don’t put money on the table, combine various strategies to optimize your earnings with your affiliate links. Increase your conversion rate by linking directly to product listing on Amazon, this way the chances of the potential buyer making purchases on Amazon will be higher as they can find more products and even make more purchases.

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