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Are you an expert in some areas of knowledge and vocation? You can make decent cash teaching what you know on a website called Udemy. Udemy is an online community where people can learn different programs and subjects. It is an online meeting platform for trainers and students. It was created in 2010 and since then, Udemy has grown to become one of the best online learning platforms. There are various sorts of educational programs people can enroll in to learn subjects in an interesting and entertaining way.

As a trainer or an instructor, Udemy allows you to make money teaching people the very program or subject they are interested in. And for this, you take home 70% of the total revenue raked in by your course. You may want to know how much money you can make on Udemy. That depends on how much you charge students who enroll in your course. The icing on the cake is that, you continue to earn on your uploaded course anytime new student register for it. So it is a continuous stream of income. You can end up earning as much as 6 figures from the site.

There is virtually nothing that you cannot teach on Udemy but the few of the hottest topics are in the following categories; technology, lifestyle, crafts and hobbies, health and fitness, Mathematics, languages, sports, arts and photography, music, and education. You do not need a special kind of training to create a course on the site as long as you are an expert in your selected category. One of the benefits of using the site is that Udemy provides its instructors with tools and resources they are going to need to create their courses. These include free online training, unlimited video uploads, course design and development support, round the clock technological support, handling of payment processing, discount coupon, course management tools, etc.

Steps on How to Start on Udemy

  1. Sign up for free on Udemy.
  2. Create your course. This has been simplified into 4 steps for instructors to create a course;
  • Plan the course
  • Create content for the course
  • Publish the course online
  • Promote the course
  1. Make use of Udemy tools and resources to develop and upload your course. And if you have any questions or challenges, they have a 24/7 tech support to help you out.
  2. Promote your course

This is the last step in creating a course on Udemy. You want your course to be patronized by students, so you have to get a way to reach out to them on various platforms. You can promote your course for free or on paid advertisement that targets people who are interested in what you are teaching. You can as well give a discount to people to encourage them to encourage them to take up your course. However, it is best to combine the following channels to promote your course:

  • Social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Create Facebook page and Pinterest page for your course. It works well.
  • Community forums where you are active. Insert your Udemy course links when you post comments in forums.
  • Video channels such as YouTube.
  • You can write guest posts on authority blogs which relate to your course and thus helps to promote it.
  • Paid ads like Facebook ads, Sponsored Tweets, Google Adwords, etc

How much can you charge per course?

While the instructor is left to decide how much is best for their course, Udemy recommends a range of $10 to $30 for a course.

Final Note

If you are looking for a passive source of income based on teaching others what you already know, then Udemy offers the potentials for your desire. Many people are already making lots of money from the site, you can join to claim yours too.

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