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Do you know that one of the greatest marketing and income tools deployed by internet marketers or netpreneurs is e-book? The advent of iPad, Kindle and apps on smart phones has widely popularized eBooks. Today, there are virtually no topics or niches not covered by eBooks. One of the benefits of writing eBooks is that you can self-publish your work; you do not need the approval of a publishing company to accept or at worst reject your work. As a matter of fact, it does not even matter whether you are an expert writer or an inexperienced one, there are other ways by which you can get your idea written without you doing the actual writing. Reports have it that there are about 700, 000 authors that are self-publish using electronic means. Asides the initial efforts and investment, eBook writing is a passive income means. This is the reason why almost every blogger has at least one eBook to their name. Who doesn’t want to make money almost effortlessly?

Now discover how you can make money from eBook writing and selling, and even continue to make money from it for as long as you so want.

Writing your eBook

Writing an eBook is not an easy task unless you are a seasoned writer. Even many a time, a writer experiences a cut out commonly called “writer’s block”. If your eBook is not well written and does not contain valuable information or intriguing character, as the case may be, then it is certainly not going to appeal to people to purchase it. If you are going to write your book yourself, then you should do it well. Do not be in haste to sell, content matters first. You should determine what type of book that you are writing, is it fiction or non-fiction? Most bloggers write non-fiction books such as “how to” books, tutorials, information materials and so on. On the other hand, your interests may be in the fiction novels. You must as well plan the genre of novel you want to write. This works well for creative story writers.

On the other hand, you can contract the writing task to someone else. There are lots of freelance writers out there, even on the cheap side; the only hurdle is getting a top-notch writer to do the job excellently well. You only need to give your ghostwriter the subject topic and how you want it to be like (outline).

First Rating: Book Title and Cover design

Can you sincerely tell what attracts people to a book the very first time, especially when it’s not a recommended book? Title and cover design right? Right! As an author, you can turn your mental effort into a best-selling eBook with very attractive title and cover design. Craft your eBook title with words that appeals to readers’ curiosity. You will also need to get a professional cover design for your eBook. The axiom “do not judge a book by its cover” shows the importance people attach to the cover design. There is always an impression created by the sight on the mind, which makes the mind rate the quality of the content of a book by the quality of its cover. You should get a good graphics designer to make your book very attractive.

Selling your eBook

There are different channels through which you can have your book sold. You can have it published on, sell it on marketplaces such as,, If you own a website or blog, you can sell directly to your readers and make bucks without having to pay a middleman to do the selling for you. You get to keep the profit 100%.

In order to increase your sales, you should promote your eBook on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and some other available platforms. You can also give out free copies of your book to highly rated people for review.

“One time investment, continuous stream of income.” This is the statement that sums up the eBook business. It only needs upfront effort in terms of coming up with high quality eBook which sells. Always know that, nobody will want to part with their money on trash content, even if it is a cent.

So why not get started now!

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