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ClickBank is a popular affiliate network program for digital information products. The program has been in existence since 1998 where it has served as the meeting point for digital product vendors and affiliate marketers. Digital products creator turn to ClickBank to get people who will promote and help sell their products. Affiliate marketers are paid a certain percentage of the sales price as commission, and this may be as high as 75%. Many people have always emphasized the necessity of a website to making money from ClickBank, but this is not always so. You can earn money from ClickBank as an affiliate marketer without a website. You just need to know how to go about it, and this is discussed in a simple way below.

Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer on ClickBank

Sign up on ClickBank

Visit to register.

Do Market Research

Afterwards, you need to research your audience – who your ideal customers are. You need to discover what products they are willing and ready to buy at a price.

Find a Good Niche

Next step is to find and select a good niche. Identify the products your target audience wants. If they are unwilling to pay for the product, then it’s not worth selecting. Examples of hot and in-demand niches are technology and health & lifestyle. Your earnings depend on how many sales you are able to push through, so it is advisable to go for an in-demand product.

Opt for High-Converting Offers

Pick a product with high gravity. But before you finally do, go over to the sales page of the product, read the sales copy and see if it is convincing enough. Ask yourself, “if I were to be the customer, will I be persuaded enough to spend my money on the product?” If you answer is yes, then you can proceed to promoting it. But if no, look for another product because there are hundreds of similar products waiting to be promoted.

Promote Your Selected CB Product

So how can you promote your carefully selected ClickBank product without starting a website to do the promotion?

  • Write articles online to promote your ClickBank product. Insert your CB affiliate link and submit to article directories which permit embedding links in articles. However, endeavor not to fall into the pit of pushing for a sales pitch. Carefully craft the article in such a way as to arouse the interest of readers and convert them to buyers. If you cannot do it yourself, pay a freelancer to do it for you. Fiverr guys will do just that for $5.
  • Promote your CB product on social media networks. Tweet about it on your Twitter account, write about it on Facebook, and recommend it to your followers and friends. If you are influential enough, you can generate tangible sales via this method.
  • Make Videos, embedding your affiliate links and upload to video sites like YouTube.

ClickBank is not a get-rich-quick program, it requires effort to generate traffic to the products you are promoting and even more difficult converting your leads to customers. So get ready to do the work so that you can keep making the dollar bills into your account from ClickBank.

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