Many private businesses and organizations have resorted to outsourcing as a means to cut operational costs while still maintaining business efficiency and productivity. This is why virtual assistance is a greatly demanded service in the freelancing market. Companies benefit in that there are lots of freelance professionals with wealth of experience to choose from at a lower rate and no permanent role. Also they do not have to worry about creating office space since the assistant will work online and from their preferred location.

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who works for businesses from a remote location, usually from home. There are several benefits attached to working as VA. You can work from any location you want; it is contract job and you can decide when to discontinue the commitment; there are lots of jobs to choose from; and work is delivered through agreed medium which often is telephone, email, fax, and client website.

What services can you offer as a VA?

There are various services you can offer as a virtual assistant, but it is advisable you select one or two which you are expert in. It makes you look more professional, but if you think you want to widen your area of demand, you can offer as many services as you want. Below are some of the services you can provide as a VA:

  • Data entry/database management
  • Content editing
  • Project management
  • Transcription services
  • Human resources management such as responding to letters and emails
  • Social media content management
  • Customer care service
  • Event planning
  • Press release and article writing
  • Website design
  • Travel schedule coordination
  • Professional consulting
  • Product or service marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Application development
  • Online coaching

There is no limit to the services you can render as a virtual assistant because people have limitless wants.

How much can you earn as a VA

Most times virtual assistants get paid on hourly rate and the pay varies depending on the nature of service you are offering and the client. You can earn between $20 and $100 per hour for some premium work that requires professional expertise to complete. In some cases, you can charge your client per project rather than per hour. Overall, how much you charge depends on your training and expertise in the services you are offering. With time, you can review your rate upwards.

Where to get clients

Once you have decided on which services you want to offer as a virtual assistant, the next step is to get clients to work with. There are a couple of online platforms where you can find people seeking for virtual assistants, some of these websites are:

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