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Imagination, creativity and talent breed raw and genuine arts. Are you an aspiring or budding artist looking for ways to make money with your product or expand your sales? This article will guide you on how you can make money selling your art to people. Some may think it is near impossible to sell art online but I tell you that it is not. It all bears down on your strategy and methods.

Map out your audience

The most important factor to consider when selling art is the audience. Who are the people that have need for your art or are interested in buying it? This is what is called niche targeting. Your art products must be developed around the needs of your target market. It is not so good businesswise to just create any artwork and expect random people to buy it. Your success as an art seller therefore depends on your audience. With this fact known, it will help you to create arts that appeal to their aesthetic needs.

Market Yourself as an Artist

If you will make it big time as an artist, whether as a painter, craftsman, sculptor, musician, or whatever, you need to learn how to sell yourself to your audience. If you are going online, translate your passion, skills, creativity and experience into an appealing online profile. Connect yourself with your art. Promote samples of your artwork in some online platforms. Avail yourself the potentials of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Write about your arts; upload digitally watermarked images of your artwork. Let people know about you.

You can as well take it to further to blogging. Create a blog about your art and update it regularly. From there, you create a fan base in love with what you do. You relate directly with the public (audience) who can buy your artwork.

Sell your products on existing arts and crafts sites

If you do not want to go through the hassle of creating your own blog or website through which you can directly sell products to the public, there are many existing sites where artists can market and sell their artworks. The audience and traffic are there, plus you do not have to commit all your time and money into starting your own ecommerce site (you can build yours when you want to expand and start your own brand). Some of these online stores are:

It is a large online store for buying and selling artworks. Many artists explore the potentials of the site to network, promote and sell their work. There are two plans on the site; free plan and paid plan. The free plan gives you access to an online gallery with a limit of 15 images, while the paid plan offers more images.

Click for Art is a great place for new talents to promote and sell their artworks. The online store deals in canvas prints, art prints and limited edition housewares.

Etsy is large marketplace popular among people who want to buy and sell arts and crafts around the globe. The ecommerce site specializes in handmade items, design prints, vintage articles as well as art and craft supplies. Etsy charges 20 cents on every item listed and 3.5% commission per item sold on the site.

Bouf is the perfect place for highly creative designers and artists to sell unique or customized products to the right audience of buyers. Featured items include garden and home wares, personalized gifts, wallpapers and quirky accessories. Before you can become a seller on the site, you are required to pass through an application process.

ArtFire is a great ecommerce site for selling almost anything. There are various categories of item listings such as jewelry, craft supplies and tools, clothing, art and collectibles, accessories, bath and beauty, among others. You can sell your work to a large audience from around the world on the website.

So if your goal is to make money by selling your designs and artworks online, then you need to consider the above before you make a dive in.


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