SEO Analyser

When we talk about SEO we know that for many of our tasks there are tools that can help us to save time. The SEO analyzer of Freesiteworth is no different. When you optimize your site you also need many tools to analyze the web performance. With it you can scan a website to read all the information contained therein. It's super useful for all websites for analyzing content, advising you upon vulnerabilities and meta-tags, finding redirection problems, getting link percentages for you external and internal links lack of alt text for images, duplicate documents etc. Apart from all these, you can also get a full website review absolutely free. If you need to evaluate your load time optimizations and HTML / CSS / JS of a page you can always have a website speed test on Freesiteworth determining the slowest pages' parts of your website.

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Content analysis

Content analysis View a content analysis. Check your text/html ratio, headings and etc.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags Get full list of meta-tags from web page. View site's title, keywords, og properties and more.

Link Extractor

Link Extractor Extract links from your website with anchors, url and find out internal and external links percentage.

Speed Test

Speed Test Speed-up your website load time by finding most slowest page's parts.

Get Advice

Get Advice The system automatically shows you vulnerabilities and gives advice.

Website Review

Website Review Get a full website review absolutly free.