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The internet offers a vast opportunity for making money online, and it is not gainsaying that anyone can make it even with zero skill. Fiverr is one of such places that provide the potentials for anyone who knows how to operate the computer and surf the net earn some cash. Fiverr is a large online marketplace where people sell services for $5 only. Fiverr services are called gigs, and they vary from highly intellectual tasks such as graphics design and article writing to crazy and simplistic tasks such as writing someone else’s name in the sand. Imagine! So everyone can actually sell something on the website, you cannot tell what a client is looking for. But whatever service you choose to offer, it is priced at $5. But wait! Is that true? YES and NO. YES in that gigs are priced at that fixed price, and NO in that you can earn far more with gig-extra (when you attain level 2). That is where the main money is.

Getting Started on Fiverr

Conduct Research

If you really want to make it and last long in the Fiverr business, then you have to approach it in a scientific way – research. You need to carry out sufficient research on what buyers are looking for, what services are in hot demand.

  • Start with yourself by making a list of all your skills and areas of expertise, so you can determine what to offer and rate how good you are at each skill.
  • Identify the most popular gigs on Fiverr, that is, gigs with massive orders and lots in queue.
  • Pick those categories that align with your strongest skills.
  • Select gigs that are not time consuming.

Sign Up on Fiverr

Visit and open an account.

Create Your First Gig

  • Optimizing Gig Description

Choose the right category, title and tags for your gig. A very important aspect of selling on fiverr is optimization of gigs so that they can easily be found when someone searches for them. One simple method of choose the right category is to search for your keyword in the search bar and then check the left sidebar for the most used sub-category.

Use a concise title for your gig, about 50 characters long. Make use of the opportunity given by Fiverr to capitalize one word in the title. Therefore capitalize the adjective that stands the title out. As for the tags, check what top-rated sellers are using, then pick out of these. Then ensure you gig description is clear, succinct and keyword optimized. This helps your gig to attract traffic.

  • Upload Good Images and Videos

Use images related to your service and upload a testimonial video. If you can do it yourself, fine. If not, hire someone else to do that for you. There are many sellers on Fiverr providing the service for just $5. Fiverr attests that gigs with videos sell 220% more.

Ideas of Gigs to sell on Fiverr

  • Logo design
  • Article writing
  • Tutorials
  • Ebooks
  • Apps
  • Video creation and editing
  • Landing page designing
  • Banner creation
  • Testimonials
  • Voice over
  • Photoshop editing
  • Advertising and promotion gigs
  • Website design
  • Editing
  • File conversion
  • Online marketing
  • Social media services such as Facebook likes, followers on Twitter, Instagram etc

Minimize Hours Spent on Fiverr

You can automate deliveries on Fiverr with a useful plug-in called EverCopy. This helps you to cut the time you expend on delivering gigs to buyers and the thank you note. EverCopy helps you to deliver, review and remind buyers to review your gig.

If you will be successful on Fiverr…..

  • Fiverr is big time business so treat it as such. Be professional and care for your customers. Always appreciate your customers in your interactions.
  • Always give the best quality, not minding the $5 at first. This ensures you get positive ratings, and if you want to be a top-rated seller, you will need not lower than 4.7 positive rating. If buyers are not satisfied with your services, you can offer a refund instead of jeopardizing your rating.
  • Overdeliver to get more orders till you cannot handle them all. For example, if you notice your competitors are offering 500 FB likes for $5, you can offer something more like 800 FB likes. It will serve as an incentive for buyers to patronize you the more. More so that you are yet to be an established seller.

Final Submission

People are earning decently well working on Fiverr. So if your aim is to make  good money online, Fiverr business is a perfect place to earn with your skills.

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