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The internet is replete with lots of money making ideas. Are you a content developer but without a website or blog of your own? Do you know that you can optimize and widen your income sources by creating content such as articles, e-books, and videos for some websites? Yes you can. Revenue sharing allows you to publish your content on other people’s websites and earn a certain percentage of the income made on ads displayed within your content. In essence these sites pay you between 50% and 95% of what your article earns, and the beauty of these online platforms is that they are already established, so they generate lots of traffic.

Revenue sharing allows you to make money from your content without having to go through the difficult process of starting a website or blog, promoting your site, updating contents every day, sending traffic to it, and so on.

Selected revenue sharing websites

YouTube – if you are good at making videos, which anyway can be on anything. It can be a humorous video, a tutorial, a product review, inspirational video, just name it. You earn money with Google Adsense program and in which case your video must get lots of views or download before you can make any sensible money out of it.

HubPages – if you are good at writing, you can leverage the reputation and traffic of the site to earn money. You can offer opinions, valuable tips, reviews, etc on the site with an expected share of 60 percent of ads earning.

InfoBarrel – make money writing articles, reviews, “how to” guides and videos on the social website. Revenue sources are derived from Amazon Associates, Chitika and Google Adsense programs, and revenue sharing varies from 75 percent to 90 percent of Adsense earnings.

Squidoo – the site allows you to create single web pages on your areas of interests. You can then monetize your web pages with Google Adsense or affiliate links. If you really do this very well, you can boost your income potentials.

WebAnwers – just as implied in the name of the site, it is all about questions and answers. You get paid from the revenue realized from the ads displayed on your answers.

BestReviewer – you earn from posting reviews on the website. A big plus is that you receive 100% revenue made from Adsense.

RateItAll – you can make money on this revenue sharing website providing reviews of products and services that you have used or tested. You get paid 50% of revenue generated from Adsense on your reviews.

TipDrop – the website is all about tips on any topic. You can potentially earn 75% Adsense revenue from giving tips on the website.

Flixya – Flixya is a social networking website where you can earn 100% of Adsense revenue generated from your contents. You can share images, videos and blogs on the platform and make money doing so.

Final Note

The only drawback of this method is that you are helping building another man’s business empire and if anything should go wrong in future, your contributed efforts will go down with it. if you are not worried with this, revenue sharing sites are great places you can earn extra income from your creative efforts.


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Everybody is looking for ways to increase their earnings? Who won’t when you have bills piling up and credit card debts that may not be settled in the next five or ten years, making extra income is not optional, it becomes a necessity. The good news is that there are several ways via which anyone with the knowledge of the computer and internet can make money. One of such ways is affiliate marketing. You can make big money from affiliate program if you so desire. Do you know that affiliate marketing is one of the top 3 online income sources of successful internet marketers? If you don’t know before, now you’ve known.

So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a business method in which content publishers are financially rewarded for promoting a company and/or its products, for example ecommerce sites. So anytime a website owner or blogger sends traffic from their site to the ecommerce sites, and the referrals perform an action, they get paid in form of commissions. Action taken can be as simple as signing up on the merchant site or actual purchase of goods sold on the ecommerce site. Affiliate programs are best for used for website or blogs. Another alternative is through social media site. In either case, it is the amount of readership or followership you have that will determine how much success you make with affiliate program. Therefore you must start out with a plan. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to sell any physical or even virtual product, all you have to do is send traffic from your website to the company you are promoting. You can partner with as many merchants as you want depending on your strategy.

Although affiliate programs are different, pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-action (PPA) are the two major types. In PPC, you are paid for every click someone makes on the company’s banner ads on your site. Many companies offer this type of affiliate program. Some even pay you per thousand impressions (CPM) of advertisements shown on your website. In the second type, you are paid every time someone clicks through your affiliate link to the company’s site and then makes a purchase. You earn more with this method especially if the product purchased is high-priced.

So you can see how it works. What next is how to get traffic. Just as mentioned earlier, you will need a website or blog to promote your affiliate link and send traffic to the company you have affiliated with. So if you already have one up and running, that’s great and if not create one and work hard and right on it. Why? The money is in the traffic. There are several strategies you can use to market your affiliate links on your website. You can drive traffic to the company through banner ads. You put up banner ads promoting different stuff from the company on your website. Some big companies provide email ads which you can blast to your customer mailing list. Another method is writing product reviews. You write the amazing features and benefits of a specific product and insert your affiliate link in the article. You earn commission when potential customers click on the link to make an immediate or future purchase on the company’s site.

For the best results, it is advisable you combine these methods of driving traffic. Blog about it, send email newsletter to your loyal customers and put up banner ads in strategic positions on your site. You don’t want your website to look messy or turn away your readers.

A note of warning be sounded here, while your ultimate aim is to make it big with affiliate marketing, you must channel efforts into giving your users quality and valuable contents from time to time. And whatever product or company you will be promoting is better operating within your niche. Imagine having a blog within the fashion niche and you start promoting toys! That’s an outright mismatch.

Below are some of the popular sites you can join for affiliate program.

eBay Prtner Network, Amazon Associate, Clickbank, Affiliate Future, AdPlosion, Avangate, DigiResults, ShareASale.

You don’t have to limit yourself to these companies, there are several other companies waiting to sign you up for their affiliate program. So endeavor to use Google.


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Do you have the requisite qualifications, skills and passion for teaching? If yes, then online tutoring may be a very good option for you to eke a living from home or complement your day job. Online tutoring offers geographic independence and some advantageous flexibility for both tutors and students because the meeting place on the internet. You can decide what hours you want to work, your rate and availability. Research has shown that the internet is one of the most visited research sources for students and teachers. There are millions of students who are seeking help with their school work. No matter your subject area, you will always find student clients in need of your services. That means with your expertise, personal computer and internet you can translate your knowledge to real money deal.

You don’t have to start your own website to get hired as there are several sites where you can register to become a tutor. These sites are already established and drive traffic from potential clients. Requirements for registration varies from one site to another but that does not mean all jobs require you to have degree before can complete certain jobs (teaching Spanish, French, etc). However, most legitimate online tutoring firms will ask for your teaching certificate and some will test your expertise on your chosen subject. On some websites, application process is very simple.

How much money can you make from online tutoring?

Online tutors make money on hourly rate, that is, rate per hour. Just how much you can potentially make from taking up online tutoring jobs depends on a variety of factors such as subject type, level of education, number of working hours, years of experience, and so on. Generally, hourly rate for online tutoring varies from $10 to $100. Assuming your per hour rate is set as $50 and you work for a minimum of 5 hours per day, that’s an average of $250 per day. Now multiply that by the number of days you work online, you would be netting thousands of dollars per month.

Online tutoring websites is a great place to start your online tutoring job. It offers great flexibility for making money as an online tutor. There is no application fee but you can boost your chances of being approved if you are capable of handling multiple subjects.

This site is well established and has lots of clients. This means you can always get clients and thus steady income. However it is not easy to gain acceptance to become a tutor on the website. Application requirements for online tutors include cover letter and resume.

You must have at least a degree before you can be considered for tutor position on their site. You are also required to submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your achievement. Your writing skills will be tested with must-to-complete lesson modules.

Other dedicated online tutoring sites include,,, etc.

Asides these online tutoring dedicated websites, you can independently get tutoring jobs from some non-dedicated websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, craiglist ads and so on. You place bids for tutoring jobs on the freelance sites and you can use Skype for the lessons.

Whether you are a professional teacher, lecturer, retiree, college or master degree student or even work-from-home parent, online tutoring can be a good income source if you truly have the passion of the profession and are ready to commit your time to it.

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make money with amazon-affiliate

Amazon associate is Amazon’s affiliate program designed for website owners and bloggers to make extra income promoting products and services listed on Amazon on their site. Whenever a visitor from your site buys on Amazon through your affiliate link, you will get a commission for every purchase made within 24 hours. So if you already own a site or blog, you can additionally monetize your site with Amazon Associate. Amazon affiliate program is a great way of making money online; the ecommerce site is a well-grounded brand that is highly trusted by buyers and sellers. You can scale up your earnings through their tiered commission structure as you increase the momentum of advertising them on your site. Many may argue that they pay low commissions but that won’t become a problem because research has revealed that customers tend to purchase more than their initial plans (great point here; Amazon is good at upselling), and Amazon will pay you for every purchase made through your link inside 24 hours (Amazon cookies last only for this period). This does not have to be purchases of advertised products only.

Join Amazon Associate

Sign up with Amazon affiliate program. It is free and very easy to join.

Find Products on Amazon

Now that you have joined and filled out details about your website and verified your identity on Amazon, the next step to take is looking for products to promote to readers on your website or blog. You can search for the best-selling products in any category you want using the bestseller filter.

Select the link that fits your site layout

There are options from which web owners or bloggers can select from when it comes to posting Amazon ads, you can select from image, image and text, and text link to insert in your website. It all factors down to how you want your site to look. If you want to capture your affiliate links for the products you want to promote on your site, you can make use of the Amazon Associates site stripe located at the top of the page.

How to optimize Amazon Associate Income

  • Post rich content on your site

While your goal is to make more money online, never forget that just how much you are going to make is primarily determined by the level of trust between you and your site readers or visitors. The only way you can gain the loyalty of people on your site is to dish out exceptional quality posts every now and then. You should not make your site or posts appear as if all you care about is compelling them to buy products. A subtle but powerful way of getting people to click on your affiliate links and make purchases is to create interesting posts around a particular topic and then recommending products.

  • Use Amazon widgets

Another way to optimize your earnings through Amazon Associate is to add widgets listing various products to your website. A good place to put the widgets is the sidebar of your site.

  • Promote Products worth over $100

Amazon commission starts from 4% of product purchase, scalable to 15%, so if you are only recommending very cheap products to your readers, you won’t make much as commissions. Endeavor to recommend highly valuable high-priced products to your readers to make more money.

  • Create seasonal content schedule for your site

Do you know that people make more purchases around seasonal periods and holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day? These seasons offer big opportunities to make more money with your affiliate links, so create posts recommending various products that people buy ahead of this time. Take your own cut of the buying spree.

  • Leverage on authority websites

You should not rely on your website or blog only to get traffic to your Amazon links, you should also make use of high authority websites such as YouTube to increase your earnings. You can create a short tutorial video on a hot subject topic and then put links to your web pages containing Amazon links to drive traffic and make extra income. It works!

Amazon Associate is a good way to make additional money online with your website or blog. Don’t put money on the table, combine various strategies to optimize your earnings with your affiliate links. Increase your conversion rate by linking directly to product listing on Amazon, this way the chances of the potential buyer making purchases on Amazon will be higher as they can find more products and even make more purchases.

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eBay is a big marketplace for selling just anything, yes anything you can think of. From old or unused items piled up in the garage to new and latest products, there is just no limit to what you can sell. That stuff that you think is a waste may turn out to be what someone else is looking for. So whether you are just looking for an online business you can combine with your regular day job to make extra cash or your plan is to set up an online store without actually owning a site, then eBay is a good option for you to consider. eBay is quite easy to get started with.

If your goal is to make a sizeable and consistent income from eBay and not just to dispose off some junks in your collections, then you need to follow the steps highlighted in this post.

Step #1: Sign up with eBay

This is a very simple step to take. Visit the site and open an eBay account at no cost.

Step #2: Find a product that sells to market

If your aim is to make good money with eBay, it is advisable you choose a popular product with regular demands and with decent profit margin for you. You don’t want to stock up items that have little or no demand. You can use the advanced search feature on eBay to research what item is in hot demand and the price it goes for. Make sure you have included your expenses such as 10% eBay’s commission for each sale, PayPal’s fees and others, in the price of the product.

Also ensure that you can always get continuous supply of the product to meet customers’ demands. You can use wholesalers or dropshippers for your product stock. As you already know, you can always get bulk supplies at cheaper prices from trusted wholesalers, dropshippers move a step further; they relieve you of the headache of sales fulfillment. They handle the shipping for you once you pay for the unit required and supply them with buyer’s information. You can search for wholesalers using search engines. Another technique you can use to get product is to use other ecommerce sites.

Step 3: Market your product

Upload high quality pictures of the product you are selling, fill in the title and description appropriately. Incorporate keywords into the description, it helps to boost the ranks of your product in the listing. You can catch the attention of customers by offering lower prices for your products but you should also know that people are quick to attach price to quality.

Step #4: Optimize your product listing

One method you can use to increase the chances of your product being listed high up is by incorporating keywords into the description. What are the words you would search if you were a buyer looking to buy that product? You can also offer free shipping to attract customers.

Step #5: Order fulfillment

You should not joke with this aspect if really you want to eke a living or make tangible income from eBay. You need to build your feedback in order to become a trusted seller. So you have to be able to manage and process transaction effectively. Once an order is placed for your listed product, ensure you package it very well and ship it ASAP to the buyer. When you give your buyers a wonderful customer service, they will be prompted to also give you excellent seller rating. The more your score accumulates, the higher your seller status. With time, you reach the ultimate PowerSeller status.

With this status, buyers will trust you more than lower cadres of sellers. So you can boost your earnings by charging more for your product listings.

eBay remains one of the genuine ways through which anyone can make money selling online. However you should not let the excitement of your expectations becloud reality. You need to put in some efforts and improve on your marketing skills before you can achieve tangible success with eBay.

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make money blogging online

Are you looking for a job you can do online that gives you the liberty of setting your work hours and volume of work you want to do, all from your home? If these factors are on your job priority list, then transcription jobs could be what you are looking for. Transcription jobs may or may not require prior experience depending on the nature of the jobs. Transcription jobs are classified as general, media, legal and medical jobs. While you require little or no experience in general transcription jobs, you need to get some specialist training and certifications before you can complete legal and medical transcription jobs. Media transcription jobs are high-paying because of the quick turnaround required for the jobs. However, it is not easy to get as it is dominated by experienced and professional transcriptionists.

Your job as a transcriptionist involves listening to audio files and typing out what you hear. Transcription is generally repetitive, that is, you will have to playback the same audio times and over again so as not to miss any part of the audio. However if you are not someone who is bored with repetition then the job is a go for you. As a newbie the basic tools you need to complete transcription jobs are a personal computer, headphone and a fast internet connection. Professional transcriptionists may be required to have high-end foot pedal for audio replay coordination (you won’t have to take your hands off the keyboard while replaying an unclear portion of the audio) and transcription software in order to complete transcription jobs for big companies.

How Much Can You Make From Transcription Jobs?

How much money you can make from transcription jobs factors down on your experience, speed, volume of work available and the company you are working with. You can get decent pay from completing transcription jobs. You can make between $10 and $30 per audio hour (or rate per page) or more on general transcriptions, but specialist transcription jobs often pays even more. As a newbie, you may not be getting high-paid jobs yet but as you garner experience your skill level and rate will catch up.

Note: An audio hour differs from normal hour in that it might take you between 2 to 4 hours to perfectly transcribe an hour of audio. Assuming you get a transcription job of 5 audio hours at $30 per audio hour, that means you will be earning $150 for the whole job which would definitely take you more than 5 regular hours to complete.

Legitimate Websites/Companies to Get Transcription Jobs (Entry Level)

Below are some of the sites that are dedicated to transcription jobs and also accept beginners. You should however know that they will require you to take a short transcription test to assess your typing skills before acceptance.

Daily Transcription – Offers transcription jobs mainly in corporate, entertainment and legal fields, but only US residents are accepted. You must complete and pass a transcription test as part of the application process before being accepted.

Transcribe Me – The site accepts beginners once they are able to pass their test. Rate is $20 per audio hour paid weekly through PayPal.

Quicktate – The site is opened to other nationals outside of US but you must pass

Get Transcribed – The company was established in 2012. The pay rate is low at 24 cents per audio minute.

Rev – The site is also open to non-US residents but the average pay is at $0.40 – $0.65 per audio minute, that is, $24 – $39 per audio hour. Payment is made weekly through PayPal.

Tigerfish – Accepts entry level once transcription test is passed, although the company prefers transcriptionists with foot pedal and transcription software.

Focus Forward – Company accepts entry level transcriptionists with fast typing speed. Pay rate is about $36 per audio hour for regular transcription jobs. Bilingual transcriptionists who can handle Spanish transcriptions get much higher pay, as much as $90 per audio hour. Payment is made via direct deposit.

Appenscribe – the Australian company hires transcriptionists from any part of the world.

You don’t have to limit yourself, hence your earnings, to the above-listed sites. Freelancer, Upwork, and iFreelance are some of non-dedicated sites where you can still get transcription jobs but you will have to bid or submit proposals to the client.



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Do you know that you can make huge profit selling the services provided by other people? If you are a smart person with defined online money making goals, you can profit from other people’s work. The benefits of this business model include:

  • You can make continuous income with good profit margins
  • It is a passive income business so you spend minimal effort
  • It has high scalability potential
  • It is easy to maintain and it requires only a fraction of your own time
  • You can have a good pay day if you decide to sell it off in the future

The underlying principle of this business method is you create a platform where people give you jobs and you outsource it to professionals. You can decide to start your own website or use established websites to do your business. But if you really want to make a wide profit margin and look professional, it is better you start your own website where people can request for the services you are offering.

First Thing First

To start with, you must have a service that you want to sell, one that gets regular demand and which there is sufficient supply of professional to do the job. You are just the middleman. You can see that this business does not require your own labor nor does it require you to start promoting someone else’s physical product. Building your own website gives you more control over the business and more so, you are growing your own business and not another man’s. Examples of niches you can venture into include academic writing, essay writing, article writing, proofreading, language translation, and a host of other services. You should choose a niche that you are comfortable with and which you can easily fulfill clients’ demands.

Find service providers

Before you start getting jobs, make sure you know where and how to source contract service providers for whatever service you want to sell. If you know someone offline that can expertly deliver your services, you can have them on your team. However, there are hundreds of thousands of freelance professionals online who you can contact anytime you have jobs. The best way forward is to gather a team of freelance people so that if one is not available for work, another will. You can go to sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, etc to contract people to execute your services. You should ensure you screen them properly before handling them client’s job. You can give them test or samples to complete in order to evaluate their quality.

Get clients: Market your business

Promote your website using every available channel, especially those focusing on your target audience. If for example you are specializing in helping students with their assignments, you need to target online places where students meet and discuss. Devise marketing methods that bring high-end clients. That’s where your profit lies.


Anytime a client gives you job on your site, make a quote that includes the fees of the freelancer and your own profit. Once payment is made, forward the job to the contracted professional and have him or her deliver the job within agreed deadline. Send the finished job to the client, pay your freelancer and keep the profit. It’s that simple. If you can continuously deliver premium quality to your clients, you will get referrals and sure have more jobs.

Automate the process

If one of your goals is to get passive income, then you should refine your methods. Automate the whole process; develop a pricing model on your services, hire an assistant to handle transactions and streamline your services.

The truth is there is no limit to how much you can make from this business if you are really serious with it. Just ensure you have it all worked out before venturing into it. Not only will you be making immediate profits, but also building an asset which you can sell off later in the future should your interest shift.

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Many private businesses and organizations have resorted to outsourcing as a means to cut operational costs while still maintaining business efficiency and productivity. This is why virtual assistance is a greatly demanded service in the freelancing market. Companies benefit in that there are lots of freelance professionals with wealth of experience to choose from at a lower rate and no permanent role. Also they do not have to worry about creating office space since the assistant will work online and from their preferred location.

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who works for businesses from a remote location, usually from home. There are several benefits attached to working as VA. You can work from any location you want; it is contract job and you can decide when to discontinue the commitment; there are lots of jobs to choose from; and work is delivered through agreed medium which often is telephone, email, fax, and client website.

What services can you offer as a VA?

There are various services you can offer as a virtual assistant, but it is advisable you select one or two which you are expert in. It makes you look more professional, but if you think you want to widen your area of demand, you can offer as many services as you want. Below are some of the services you can provide as a VA:

  • Data entry/database management
  • Content editing
  • Project management
  • Transcription services
  • Human resources management such as responding to letters and emails
  • Social media content management
  • Customer care service
  • Event planning
  • Press release and article writing
  • Website design
  • Travel schedule coordination
  • Professional consulting
  • Product or service marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Application development
  • Online coaching

There is no limit to the services you can render as a virtual assistant because people have limitless wants.

How much can you earn as a VA

Most times virtual assistants get paid on hourly rate and the pay varies depending on the nature of service you are offering and the client. You can earn between $20 and $100 per hour for some premium work that requires professional expertise to complete. In some cases, you can charge your client per project rather than per hour. Overall, how much you charge depends on your training and expertise in the services you are offering. With time, you can review your rate upwards.

Where to get clients

Once you have decided on which services you want to offer as a virtual assistant, the next step is to get clients to work with. There are a couple of online platforms where you can find people seeking for virtual assistants, some of these websites are:

Take Action

Now that you have known where to get these jobs, why not go get yourself some?

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search-engine-optimization-seo analyser

No matter how passionate you are about blogging, if you are not getting readers on your blog, it won’t take long before your interest begins to fade. It is not an easy task to drive traffic to your blog except you have some cash to spend on marketing campaign. And if your aim is not to just keep an online journal of things, but to make money from your blog, you must be ready to get traffic.

What if I tell you that there are legitimate ways by which you can get traffic to your blog free of charge! No black hat or grey hat. These are what I’m exactly going to show you in this post. So read on.

Keep it fresh and hot

Do you know that content plays a vital role to driving traffic to any site? When you post quality and valuable content on your blog, readers will keep on coming for more. And before you know it, your post has gone viral. So you should invest in putting up content which helps to solve people’s problem on your blog. And also plan a regular schedule for posting contents. It may be every other day or weekly, once you choose a time plan, keep to it or better it.

Offer free product

Giving freebies is one of the most effective methods of driving free traffic to a blog. Why? Everybody loves free things. You may give out free e-books or free tips that solve a particular problem faced by the audience in your niche. If they find this free information material valuable and really helpful, they keep coming for more and they also tell it to their friends and families. They will want to visit your site everyday to get fresh information because you have gained their trust.

Leverage your social media presence

Social media remains one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. Promote your website or blog on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts. Post valuable write-ups or information on your wall and you will be amazed how people will click through your website link. Another method you can use is to make write relevant and helpful comments on other people’s posts using your website’s social media account, people will begin to respect you and from there you can corner decent traffic to your site or blog.

Optimize your website

The best source of traffic is from organic search in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you improve on the on-site optimization of your website or blog, gradually you will be ranking higher and become noticed by people who search for information on these search engines. While trying to optimize your site, ensure whatever strategy you are using is purely white-hat to avoid being blacklisted by Google. If you are using WordPress for your site, then you should consider utilizing WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Link to other niche-related sites

Backlinks are very important in getting popularity on search engines and among other internet marketers. However, gone are the days when link farms and link spamming help bloggers rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Linking with other relevant sites especially high authority websites or blogs is a free and legitimate way of getting free traffic to your site. Submit articles to different websites (guest posts) and insert your link at the end of the post. If readers find your content valuable, they will want to know more about you, and therefore click on your link.

You can as well mention other blogs in your web page content, soon enough they will notice you and return you the favor if they see that you are an authority in your niche too. This links back to the first point – keep your content fresh and hot!

Make comments on other people’s post

Another easy way to grab people’s attention and drive them to your site is by commenting on other people’s posts on forums, social media handles, and blogs. When you contribute comments that help solve a problem or provide valuable suggestions or resourceful answers to a query, you catch people’s attention. Just simply add a link to a relevant hot-topic post on your site. That’s it!

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make profit blogging in 2015

Photography comes is a fun-thing to many people. They love snapping different sceneries, whether nature, wildlife, events, just name it. If you are also obsessed with photography, do you know that you can convert this hobby into a money making activity without even going professional? Yes, you can. You can sell your photos on apps and on websites. Equipped with your camera or smartphone, internet connection and a computer then you can make some money doing what you enjoy doing – taking photographs. There is a big market for stock photos on the internet as bloggers, website owners, magazine publishers and advertising companies are in regular demand for different creative pictures for their content publications. As long as those pictures meet the quality requirements of the platforms where you want to sell them and there are no copyright issues, you can sure make extra cash with your photos.

Sell Stock Photos on Smartphone Apps

There are quite a couple of smartphone apps where users can sell their stock photographs. One of such mobile apps is Foap. You can upload your best shots with this app to the Foap market. If your photos get well rated, it is then posted in the Foap Market where people can buy it for $10 per photo. You will be paid 50% of the selling price, that is, $5. Assuming your stock photo is bought by 100 people, this means you get to pocket $500 from the sale, and this continues for as long as the photo continues to sell. The recommended portfolios of photos you can sell on Foap are photos of people, animals, various work environments, travel and tours, cities, nature, tools, things, and close-up photos.

Sell Stock Photos on Websites

There are tons of sites where you can sell your stock photos. The good sides to these online stock photo marketplaces include free sign-up and continuous stream of income on every sale made on your uploaded pictures. You will be paid commissions in form of royalty, each time your photos sell on their site.

Some of the popular stock photo sites are:

Note that each stock photo agency or site has its particular requirements for acceptance, so you should familiarize yourself with their rules and guidelines for submission to avoid rejection. But if your submission is rejected by one site, switch over to another but learn from the experience.

Tips to make more sales on your stock photos

  • Optimize your pictures with good search phrases (keywords) so that they can rank higher when buyers search for relevant stock photos on the site.
  • Do some light editing to improve the quality before uploading.
  • Every rejection offers some lessons, so learn from past rejections to improve on your future submissions.
  • Get your photos noticed. Promote your photos on blogs, forums, and social media sites. You can give free samples of your photos on Morgue File and insert a link to your stock photos that are up for sale.
  • Understand the type of photos that sell most and start taking great snapshots of them.
  • Upload as many stock photos as possible to increase your earnings.
  • Sell on multiple sites. There are two sides to this; while you can make more money uploading same pictures to more than one stock photo website, some sites pay higher commission for pictures exclusively submitted to their site.

The truth must be said here, unless you are a professional photographer or you are planning to be one, don’t expect to make loads of cash through this medium. But mind you, selling stock photos is just another way of earning extra cash to foot your bills still doing what you love doing – taking snapshots! While most of these sites pay peanuts (less than $1) on every download, you can still make over $100 per month if you can upload lots of creative high-quality photos.

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