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Are you amazed at the claims or reports of some internet marketing gurus on how they make six digits every month? Do you ask yourself if it is true for someone to make 10 000+ USD on the internet? Yes, it is. If you already have your own website or blog up and running, you can leverage it to make good income from it. However, you must have put in a lot of efforts upfront before it can start to yield tangible dividends. Below are the proven ways you can make money online via you website or blog:

Create and sell your own product

This is the best ways you can make money and keep as much as 100% of the sales to yourself, depending on your marketing strategy and type of product you are selling. Top earning internet marketers make a great deal of their monthly income via selling their own products. You can sell your own digital products on your website or blog if you already have a strong customer list. You can decide to create training courses, ebooks, games, videos, and so on. You just need to find a pressing need of your target audience (already you have built a customer list, so it should be easier) and create a product that solves that need. The beauty of this money-making opportunity is that you only invest lots of sweat in creating the product and initial promotion of the product, after this you can earn passively and for as long as the product is still existing (passive income).

Affiliate Marketing

An alternative to creating and selling your own product is promoting other people’s products on your website or blog. This is easier only if you have built loyal customer lists from a responsive readership on your website or blog. Anytime you promote a product from another person and your readers buy it, you are paid a certain percentage of the product’s selling price. You leverage on the trusts and rapport you have built over the years with your customers to push for sales. ClickBank, Amazon and Ebay are reputable and established sites with affiliate programs. If you register with Amazon, you are called an ‘associate’.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an old tested and proven method of earning some amount of income on your website. Google pays its affiliates a certain percentage of the paid advertisements displayed on their websites. If your site is content-rich and is getting huge organic traffic then you sure can make a sizeable income from the ads network. In the Adsense program, as a publisher, you get paid when visitors click on an ad displayed on your website, and this varies from $0.50 to $5 per click depending on the niche of the ads displayed. This scheme however is not a ‘get rich quick’ method but it is reliable. It is a business of numbers, the higher the traffic you get on your site, the greater the chances of getting higher clicks. So if you are ready to exploit this money making opportunity, register for a Google Adsense account but ensure you have read their terms before applying so that your application will not be rejected.

Google Adsense Alternatives

There are several other alternative ads programs similar to Google Adsense. Many webmasters combine Google Adsense with other safe or Adsense compatible ads network to increase their monthly pay check, while others migrated to Adsense alternatives because their application was rejected or their Adsense account was banned. Some of these alternative ads program include Infolinks, Qadabra, Bidvertiser, Tribal Fusion, Clicksor, etc. You can monetize your website or blog with these programs and achieve success if you are in a hot niche and with humongous traffic.

So if you really want to make money online with your website, these monetization techniques have proved over the years to be highly effective.

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how-to-make-money-online-doing nothing

CPA Networks are sites that help advertisers generate new leads through their affiliate marketers. The word CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action. It is an easy method of making money online. When a user clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action such as subscribing for a program, filling out an online form, purchasing a product, etc. CPA networks pay affiliate marketers who can drive new leads to their sponsors (advertisers).  This form of affiliate marketing provides people an opportunity to make some money online. How much money you make as an affiliate marketer on CPA networks depends on the company and offer you are promoting, and rate varies from $10 to $20 per lead or lower for simple actions such as submitting email or ZIP.

CPA network marketing provides key advantages compared to some other programs. Unlike Adsense programs which disfigure your website with different banner ads, you can integrate CPA into your website design. CPA network offers a lucrative marketing system that you can harness to monetize your website or blog without having to write sales pitch to persuade your site users.

So how can you run a successful CPA campaign?

Research Various CPA Networks

Before making applications to join CPA networks, it is advisable you carry out due diligence on the different CPA networks in order to get reputable networks. Go online, visit internet marketing forums. You can also ask successful affiliate marketers for CPA networks that work. Beware of networks with negative reviews no matter how mouthwatering their offers seem to be. Some of the top CPA networks you can join include MaxBounty, Neverblue, AdworkMedia, PeerFly, Adsend Media, Clickbooth, CPAWay etc.

Search for an Offer

The best thing you can do is to search for an offer that is compatible with your target audience or traffic’s demographic. You can streamline your search by using a site such as OfferVault, which has compiled offers from various trusted CPA networks. Once you find a good offer within your niche, click on the listings to get more details on the offer.

Join a CPA Network

Once you find an offer that you like, you can then proceed to joining the network that provides the offer. You can join multiple networks if their offers appeal to you.

How to get accepted into a CPA network on first application

  • Act first by calling them: CPA networks request for your phone number to call you directly. You can pull the plug first by calling them before they do. It shows them you are for real.
  • Be open and honest: it is good to provide honest answer to questions for example when asked about your marketing experience.

Create a CPA Campaign

Once your application is accepted and you have been welcomed into the CPA world. It is time you promoted your campaign. Integrate the CPA into your website to get more clicks.  Write articles around the ads you are promoting; insert contextual links or incorporate the banner ads into the design layout of your website. It brings amazing results.

Develop a professional relationship with your Affiliate Manager (AM)

There is someone who keeps contact with you every now and then on the phone or via email, this is your AM. Ensure to develop a professional relationship with that person. You could get a commission raise for example if a CPA network has an offer that you are currently promoting on your site but at a higher rate.

Duplicate the Process

I know you really want to make as much money as possible online. Once you successfully create a CPA marketing campaign, look for another offer to promote and repeat same process above. Mind you the higher the number of clicks on your affiliate link leading to expected action, the bigger your pay.

Are you ready to test the water?

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Writing is a skill that is always in constant demand. From articles to reports, copies to internet research, e-books to……..just mention it. There is an unending demand for writing services and you do not have to own a site to make money except you want to sell your services directly. So what ways can you make money writing?

Sell your articles

This is a quick money-making idea. If you can write quality articles on certain topics or trendy topics, you can sell those articles to people who need them. The truth is that a lot of bloggers and web owners scarcely have the time to sit down and write articles again instead they hire someone to write their posts for them or better still buy readymade articles. However, once you sell your article, you also sell the copyright with it. Online platforms where you can sell your articles are:

  • Sell my articles
  • Constant-Content
  • AssociatedContent, and so on.

You can as well contact businesses and firms online to write custom articles for their businesses.

Make money as a copywriter

Copywriting is not just any type of writing, it requires great persuasion in black and white. Copywriting is a specialized form of writing that compels people to take action, and so requires expertise. It one of the most lucrative writing business models as a single copy can be written for about $1000, if you are already an established copywriter. As a copywriter, you can write sales copy, email copies and ad copies for clients, and if your copies sell, you can be sure of repeat business and referrals. If you do not yet know the basics of the business, you should consider enrolling for copywriting courses. With time and practice you will become better. You can get copywriting jobs on freelance sites such as

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Copify UK
  • Indeed

You can also source jobs directly from companies, and with this, you can make a hell lot of money. But you must have had enviable track record of successful copies before you can pull off a good deal.

Write Information products and sell for profits

This is one of the main income streams for most internet marketers. You can write reports, e-books and other digital information products that sell. You only need to research problem areas in a particular niche that you have passion writing on, and then coming up with solutions. An example could be “10 foolproof strategies to get 100 000+ real traffic to your website in 30 days”. The advantage of writing information products is that there is no limit to the income you can earn from it. You can sell the product on your own site and/or on established sites such as Amazon, eBay and Click Bank if you do not own a site. You can as well promote on other people’s sites and pay them commission per sale.

Write paid reviews

Another lucrative way you can make money writing is through paid reviews. If you own a website with decent traffic and subscribers list, you can actually make money writing reviews for other people’s products such as software, apps, books, hotels, information products, electronics, websites, online services, just name it. Even if you do not have your own site or blog, there are few sites where you can get paid review tasks. Vindale Research is one of such sites where you can get paid for writing reviews. You can earn as much as $75 per review, but the site is exclusively for people from the US only. Others include:

Ghost Write on Freelance Sites

If you are really passionate about writing and you desire to earn some money through it, then you should register on freelance sites. These sites are established and have large base of prospective clients who posts jobs on the site. Clients define the set of skills required to complete their tasks and they award the job only to the freelance writer capable of meeting their requirements. Even if you have no prior review or experience, freelance sites are great places to kick start freelance writing career. Check out these freelance sites:

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how much my website worth

Do you write as a hobby or you have passion for it? If yes, you can turn that hobby into a money making opportunity. Sometimes I go to Facebook and I see the lengthy write-ups some people post on their walls, or even valuable comments they make on another posts. This could be transformed into an income source given the right skills. So what do you need to do? You should start blogging. Yes I mean blogging. The blogosphere can never become saturated; millions of blogs are launched into the cyberspace every day. Come to think of it, if it is not profitable why would people waste their efforts and resources? You benefit financially while your readers benefit from your rich contents.

So how can you go about blogging? What need be done before you can make money blogging?

The very first step you need to take is to carefully choose your niche audience. If you really want to be successful in blogging, you have to determine what field you have expertise on and who your target audience is. Your chosen niche should be a narrow one rather than a broad type, as this ensures you deliver rich content specifically tailored to your target audience more easily and efficiently. Age, occupation, sex, education, interests, marital status, geographic location, level of income, and religion are some of the various demographic characteristics you can use to define your audience.

Once done with that, the main task lies in content. First impression, they say, lasts longer. The only way you can convert a first-time visitor to an ardent fan is by giving out rich content that caters for their needs and that on a constant basis. This will determine whether you will eventually make money blogging or not. You should channel your efforts into writing top-notch articles that not only appeals to the reading sense but also prompts the hands to act by giving feedbacks or comments. When readers find your blog very useful and engaging, they share it with their friends and family on social media. From a small fan base, your blog grows to a large followership. But Rome is not built in a day; you have to seed in the right efforts and strategies. So be innovative, write differently!

In addition to this, it is pertinent to always keep user-experience in mind while designing the overall look of your website. Does the blog have a professional layout? Will users find it easy to navigate through your website? Be sure you address these posers, they determine how user friendly your blog will be.

Then again you will need to promote your blog if your goal is to garner a large followership and ultimately make money blogging, five or six digits check, monthly. It all depends on your ambitions. You do not attain this level of success with just routine posting of high-end quality articles and the likes, you will have to be versatile in your promotion strategy. You should combine a mix of marketing, quality backlinks and paid adverts to capture a wider and global audience within your focused niche.

On a final note, it may not start to pay outright dividends, but in the long run, you would have created more values for yourself and others than you ever imagined. So, be consistent and persistent. Blog more, make more money blogging, smile to the banks!

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Make-More-Money-As-a-Freelancer upwork

Do you know that you can front an online store without going through the pains of capital investment and fulfilling purchase orders? Yes it is possible. You can be in any location and still run the business effectively once you are you are connected to the internet. So what kind of business are we talking here? In case you have not heard it before or you have but don’t know how it works, it is DROP SHIPPING. In this article, I will show you how you can successfully run and make money from drop shipping.

Drop Shipping: What does it mean?

Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment technique in which a store does not keep its merchandise in stock but arranges with the manufacturer or wholesaler to directly ship orders to the buyers. This method eliminates the need for you to keep inventory or physical stock of goods since you can partner with a supplier that drop ships and then list their products for sale.

Finding the right product

Drop shipping is only as profitable as the volume of products you are able to sell. How do you now find the right product to sell? There are several ways to look for ideas, but you need to carry out research to find the needs of people and the products that meet those needs. You can get ideas from your local community, social curation sites (such as Pinterest), trendy products publications, social forum communities, online consumer marketplaces, B2B wholesaler marketplaces, and so on. Your product must be one that is trendy or gets constant purchase orders depending on your niche, and one that meets your profit goal. If both satisfy your expectations, then you are good to go.

How to find reputable drop shipping suppliers

You have to thread this path of the business cautiously as there are several scammers out there. It is possible to find manufacturers with drop shipping programs, and if not consider checking wholesalers or distributors. But the lower you go down the chain, the higher the price of the product and the narrower your profit margin.

  • Contact drop shipping companies directly via email, fax or telephone.
  • You can search Google for wholesalers. Widen your search and scan through the SERPs, up to 20 pages. Use different search terms as relates to drop shipping such as “wholesaler”, “reseller”, “warehouse”, etc.
  • Search through online directories of drop shipping wholesalers. You can purchase one from World Wide Brands so as not to fall victim of online drop shipping scams.
  • Get referrals from other companies. Even if the supplier you contacted does not provide drop shipping, they might know another supplier which provides the service.

Genuine drop shipping manufacturers do not sell directly to the public nor do they publish their product pricing. Another feature of real drop shipping wholesalers is that they require formal application for partnership. So you should be on the lookout for these in your search. If you are in the US, you will be required to provide EIN number of your business and reseller’s certificate (also called resale certificate or license). That means you must have a legally registered business to start drop shipping.

Places where you can sell your products

There are several channels you can choose from to sell your products. You can sell on established third-party websites such as eBay and Amazon or sell on your personal ecommerce store. While established websites offer advantages such as easy startup, overwhelming traffic and less marketing, your profit margin gets thinner as they get commissions from successful sales, ranges between 10% and 15%, plus you are not building a brand for your business. With your own ecommerce store, you get more control over your business but you will have to work really hard on traffic.

Make Money

Once you get an order on your storefront, quickly place an order from your supplier and provide the address of the buyer. They will take care of the rest while you make some profits. Even though it might start out slowly, with time and the proper strategies, especially marketing, you can become a power seller and lay the foundation for your own ecommerce store.

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make money selling t-shirts

Making money on the internet is not very easy as is commonly tagged as varied amounts of inputs are required. However T-shirts is an online making opportunity that can be done with minimal resources such as time and money. It does not require you to own a website, printing machine or even ship sales to the buyers. Except for designing the T-shirt, every other aspects of the job from physical production to shipping are handled by backroom staff of the website you are using. You can make some decent cash designing and selling t-shirts why because there are some entrepreneurs who are making no less than $1000 per week just selling T-shirts. If you are creative enough with texts and/or designs, you can make it big with this business where you are required to do just two things to earn big; design your custom T-shirt, then market it. There are a couple of websites where you can sell custom shirts such as CafePress, Spreadshirt, Zazzle, Sunfrogs, UberPrints, and Teespring. Among the lot, Teespring has grown over the years to be the most preferred site for designing and selling T-shirts. This is not unconnected to the super usability of the interface for creating custom designs.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer before you can start selling T-shirts on Teespring, you can create text-based shirts with captivating or fun messages. However if you are skilled in graphics design and can come up with great attractive designs you get more values for your shirts. Even if you do not know how to design, you can still use some free graphics which are available online in their thousands for your T-shirt design.

So what are the steps involved in running a successful T-shirt campaign on Teespring?

Step 1: Log on to Teespring and create an account.

Step 2: Create your T-shirt design

This is an easy and straightforward process. You can create text-based or graphic-based shirts by editing or adding text-styles and artworks online. The site uses quality materials to print shirts. In order to optimize sales, ensure you add different color varieties for your design so that buyers can choose from the color options.

Step 3: Define your sales goal

Here, you set the number of T-shirts you target to sell as well as your targeted revenue from the sales. Your revenue or estimated profit is the product of the number of Tees you aim to sell and the profit per sale.

Step 4: Start your Campaign

After you have successfully set your goal, move on to creating a campaign for your Tee. The campaign title and description give prospective buyers an insight about your Tee, so ensure you write the right words there. A campaign URL will be generated for your Tee. You can decide to run your campaign for at least 3 days or at most 31 days.

Step 5: Promote Your Campaign

This step matters most – asides step 2, as it determines how much sales you make from your Tee. Your campaign needs audience, a market of willing buyers. So you need to channel significant efforts to promoting your T-shirt to people. You can use share your campaign link through different social media sites, send emails to your friends and families, or even create a free blog to promote your campaign.

It comes at absolutely no cost to design T-shirts or start up a storefront on the site. Teespring prints and ships T-shirts once a minimum of 5 orders (shirts) is reached, and that is when you will be charged. You get paid for your Tee sales through PayPal or ACH. So why not try it out and make some cool selling T-shirts on Teespring.

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MakeMoneyBloggingin a month


CPM is one of the easiest ways to make money online via your website. CPM means Cost Per Million Impressions or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. An impression refers to the display of an ad on your website. When you join a CPM network and the ads begin to show on your website or blog, you will be paid for every one thousand times the ad shows. Unlike CPC where you earn only when readers click on your ads or CPA where “action-taking” is a basic requirement, CPM does not require the littlest of an action. Just display the ads and get paid, simple! But the only way you are going to make any money out of this method is if your website or blog is getting good traffic. Don’t forget that the program pays per thousand impressions. Let’s do some simple calculations here.

CPM Earning = (Number of pageviews/1000) × CPM rate

If for example your site gets an average of 50 000 page views per day and your CPM rate is $2, which means you will be earning a minimum of $100 per day or $3000 per month. Imagine getting that pay check just displaying CPM ads!

Now let’s look at some CPM programs that you can enroll with to monetize your website.

Technorati Media

Technorati is one of the biggest and trusted advertising networks in the world, and it offers various quality ads in different niches. One of the downsides of Technorati is that you are required to stick with them only. Therefore, you cannot combine their ads with ads from another network. Technorati pays out a minimum of $50 to its publishers and on NET 60 terms, meaning you get paid after 60 days of hitting the minimum pay out. Payment is made through PayPal, check and wire transfer.

CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive provides different types of ads like leaderboard (728 × 90), banners (468× 60), skyscraper (120 × 600), pop-unders, pop-ups and others. So there is always an option that will align with your blog. The payment term of CPX is called NET 30 and with a minimum payout of $50. NET 30 simply means you can only cash out your payment, on reaching or exceeding minimum payout, after 30 days of displaying ad on your site. Payment mode includes PayPal, check and wire transfer.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is not easy to join, it only considers sites generating at least 5 000 unique visitors per day. So it is an ads program for websites with high-end traffic. Tribal Fusion ads offer quality ads with higher rate, and the minimum payout is $50 via check.

Conversant Media

Conversant Media offers ads from top advertisers from different niches such as automobiles, cellular carriers, pharmaceutical companies, travel firms, top retailers and so on. If you are getting decent or moderate traffic on your site, you will be accepted into the program. Minimum payout is $25 and payment is made through PayPal or check.

Burst Media

Burst Media also has minimum requirements for acceptation into the network. Your site must be getting a minimum of 25 000 page views/month and 5 000 unique visitors/month. So if your traffic level fits into these requirements, you can apply to join them. Burst Media offers different options of ad formats. Minimum payout is $50 and payment methods are PayPal, check and EFT.

There are several other trusted ads networks, but the only way you can make money via CPM networks is to have decent traffic to your site. Don’t forget that the pricing model is per thousand impressions.

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websites for sale


Website flipping is not a simple task but it is lucrative. You can pull off a mega deal if you are creative and smart enough in the business. I have seen some pro internet marketers who developed a website from scratch to popularity; sell it for huge amounts and move on to another project. The factors a seller will consider before buying a website from a seller include:

  • the average amount of organic traffic the site is getting per day and per month
  • the richness and uniqueness of the domain name
  • niche, target keywords and site popularity
  • current revenue generated on the site
  • search rankings of the site for a targeted keyword in Google search engine
  • whether it is a user-friendly site
  • additional assets of the website such as email list of subscribers
  • whois history of the site to know if it has clean record or has been banned before.

So before you begin the process of selling, you should prepare documents to bolster your claims. If a buyer requests you to present concrete evidence, you won’t be caught unawares.

How can you sell your website for profit?

Step 1: Find a client

If you want to sell your established website to another person, you should look for places where you can get prospective buyers. You can use public auction or private sale. Website-for-sale marketplaces or auction sites include Flippa, SitePoint, Freemarket and so on.

Step 2: Bargain the price

If you are listing your site at an auction site, ensure you set your reserve price as the least price you can go for. When a buyer submits his bid, you don’t have to accept a bid that does not satisfy your goal of high profit margin. So get ready to use your negotiation skills to cut a lucrative deal. Imagine investing just $250 to a site and selling it off for $500! That’s $250 profit, all for you at 100%.

Step 3: Accept bids in good faith

If you are selling your site on an auction site, you are required to sell to the buyer with the highest accepted bid. Therefore you should only accept offers from those buyers you are comfortable selling your website to. In a private sale, the bid ends once you accept a bid. Endeavor to research prospective buyers before accepting their claims.

Step 4: Complete the sale

Now that you’ve got a bid that you are happy with, then you can proceed to finalizing the deal. Get paid by the buyer. Transfer control of the site to its new owner now. Then move to the next project. Buy another site and flip it for money. The more sites you buy and sell, the greater your income.

Website flipping is a proven technique of making serious money online. However, it requires some efforts and consistency in order to break through in this business. That is why you must understand how it works. So are you prepared to venture into website flipping?

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online skills

Are you tired staying at home just whiling your time away at the TV? Do you have a skill or talent that is sellable? Are you thinking of credible ways you can make continuous stream of income on the internet? If you have been looking for answers to any of these questions, then you’ve got to read through this eye-opening article.

The internet can be likened to a vast expanse of land without end, people that make money on it are like farmers who carve out a piece for themselves and cultivate it to make ends meet. While there are productive plots and plantations there, there are several abandoned lands too. Only those with the right products/services coupled with patience and the right strategy make the most of it. Do you know that there are millions of people out there, from different corners of the world, who are exactly looking for what you have: your skills/training/talent. What you need to do is just get the right platform to sell your skills. So what the skills that are fast selling like hot cakes?

Graphic Designing

graphic design

This is one of the hottest skills anyone can sell online. If you are very innovative and good at designing visual and textual content using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc, there are lots of requests out there for your skill. Graphic designs such as logo, banners, official stationery documents such as letterhead, and e-book cover designs, cartoons, and others are sourced everyday by individuals and companies. If you are creative and hardworking, you can net a fat check every month.



Do you write as a hobby? Can you write sales pitch, copies, academic write-ups, articles, business plans, marketing plans, articles, essays, reviews and product descriptions? If your answer is yes and you are hard working, then you should consider selling your writing skill online. There is a big market for writing; companies (HR, advertising, and so on) looking for professional freelance writers to cut cost, students who want a professional academic writer to complete their school work, website or blog owners who are in regular need of quality articles to post on their site, the list continues. You can work with as many clients as you like and make as much as you want based on the quality of your work.

Web Designing

web design

Every day, millions of websites are launched in the cyberspace. Web designing is an income mine for professional web designers. There is never going to be an end to demand for this service. If you know how to develop or code a website, solve problems on existing websites, then you are needed. And if you know your onions and can deliver ‘wow’ experience for your clients, you will be raking in decent cash.




Translation is not just a job for anybody, it is for the skilled. If you are someone that is multilingual and can translate texts from one language to another, for example English to Spanish, then you can convert this skill to income opportunity. There are clients who want professional and readable translation, not the Google-type translation for their texts. If you are really good at this, why not sell online?

Online Tutoring

online tutoring

This is another expansive market. There is no limit to the subjects, topics or skills you can teach online; there is always someone who is in need of it. If you are educated you can teach subjects like Algebra, Astronomy, Biology, Calculus, English language, Entrepreneurship, or skills such as playing guitar, cooking, fitness exercises, crafts, etc. You don’t have to own a website to start tutoring, there are several platforms where you can set-up your classes and let your students drink from the wealth of your knowledge while they pay you for doing just that.

These are some of the hottest skills you can sell online and make some cash. But the amount of money you will make depends on the quality of your work, your expertise and experience, the nature of skills you are selling, your selling point and the platform you are using. So don’t stay idle, stay at home but stay busy and earn.

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