The non-stop expansion in the size of the internet also brings with it millions of opportunities to make money off it. One of such ways to make money online is doing translation jobs. This niche of job is really in demand by various people. Remember that the world is a vast place with different people. One of the unique identities of any people is their language. If you are an Englishman, how do you communicate with a native Frenchman who does not understand a single word in English language? You need to get the services of a translator. The same applies in online platforms; some bloggers write articles which they would love translated to other foreign languages because of the market which they are targeting. This means that if you are proficiently skilled in another foreign language asides your native language, you can convert this skill to money making business. Translation jobs are usually from English to another language or from one language to English, and these will require you to translate articles, website contents, and books.

As an online translator, you do not need to come in physical contact with your clients you just need to find the platform to meet them. There are a couple of online places where you can monetize your language proficiency; there are translation-dedicated sites as well as general freelance job sites where you can post your skills and get hired by employers. But first as an online translator, you need to have good grasp on writing. You cannot translate to satisfaction if you are not a good writer. Asides this, attention to details is another basic skill you will need if you will deliver a high quality job.

Where can you find translation jobs online?

Online translation websites

These sites are dedicated to translation jobs only. Some of the sites will require you to pass a test which assesses your translation skills, before approving your application. So in your best interest, it is advised you apply to multiple online translation sites.

Translators Cafe: The website is a good place to begin with as a newbie translator. There are several top translation jobs posted on the website. So try it out.

Translators Town: this is one of the leading marketplaces for translation jobs which networks clients with freelance translators and translation agencies. You can find thousands of translation jobs posted by employers on the site. Your accessibility to any of these jobs begins with successful registration.

Gengo: The site is one of the top and largest translation agencies. Your approval and acceptance to the site is dependent on your language test result. Payment is made per every word you translate. But in the case of languages like Chinese and Japanese, payment is made per each character translated.

Translators Base: The site is one of the largest networks of online translation jobs. The website has loads of top-notch jobs in translation niche for freelancers.

TraduGuide: The portal is perfect for outsourcing companies, translation agencies and freelance translators. There are always translation jobs on offer, so the money is there to work for.

Freelance Sites:

There are quite a couple of freelance websites where freelance translators can take up translation jobs, which can be offered on full-time basis, hourly rate or fixed fee. These freelance job portals have humongous traffic from almost all the parts of the world. With the right approach and proposal to potential clients, you should be on your way to getting your hands full with work. Top among these sites are Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and iFreelance.

Now that you know the various platforms where you can put your language skills to business, why not give it a good shot? And if you have already tried out some of these websites, do share your experience with us.

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