The internet is flooded with money, and there seems to be limitless ways to get legit share off it. It is not until you have fine IT skills before you can get a bit of the internet cake. Actually stuffs you do free of charge offline can be converted to cash online. So it is not strange to tell you that you can get paid online giving advice or tips. Yes it is actually possible. There are a couple of websites where people go to for advice and tips every day. Questions can bother on virtually anything, depending on what the person actually needs help with. And if you are a very resourceful person who loves to advice or simplify things for others, then you can make some bucks by offering your knowledge and expertise on issues online.

The first step is to register with the websites, and when people post issues or topics they need advice or answers on in your area of expertise, you jump into action. Simply supply them with very helpful and relevant answers. It is as simple as that. The site rewards your resourcefulness in helping their customers solving their issues.

Now to some of the websites where this idea runs and works:


The website helps small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to get answers to business-related issues and topics. So if you are an expert in this field, then you should join the site and help people solve problems with their small businesses or help someone startup a new one. Payment is made fortnightly through check or PayPal.


Ammas is a cool website where you can translate you knowledge and advisory aptitude to cash. You get paid for providing relevant and helpful answers and advice to people’s problems.


The site is not a question and answer platform but one where any registered member can submit creative tips and ideas for daily living. It is free to sign up. However, only tips which are accepted and approved are paid for at $3 per tip. Confirmation of the acceptation or rejection of your idea will be communicated to your email.

Expert SEO Forum

If you are someone with great knowledge and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), then this site is probably for you. You get paid for every SEO questions you answer for people on the site.


This site operates based on mobile service, where send in their questions through their mobile phone. Once you register as a Chacha Guide, Chacha notifies you when queries (from any subject topic) are sent in so you can provide needed advice and tips.

Just Answer

JustAnswer is one of the great websites where you can convert your knowledge on a subject matter to money. The site rewards your expertise and knowledge in your chosen category when their customer accepts your submission. The sites boasts of experts who earn thousands of dollars assisting customers solve their problems. PayPal Payment is made once a minimum of $20 is attained.

So if you believe you have the knowledge and expertise that can help someone else resolve their issues, then why not monetize it by registering in one or more of these online places? While this may not be big cash milking channel, you can still make decent money to settle your utility bills and grocery.

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