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The internet is replete with lots of money making ideas. Are you a content developer but without a website or blog of your own? Do you know that you can optimize and widen your income sources by creating content such as articles, e-books, and videos for some websites? Yes you can. Revenue sharing allows you to publish your content on other people’s websites and earn a certain percentage of the income made on ads displayed within your content. In essence these sites pay you between 50% and 95% of what your article earns, and the beauty of these online platforms is that they are already established, so they generate lots of traffic.

Revenue sharing allows you to make money from your content without having to go through the difficult process of starting a website or blog, promoting your site, updating contents every day, sending traffic to it, and so on.

Selected revenue sharing websites

YouTube – if you are good at making videos, which anyway can be on anything. It can be a humorous video, a tutorial, a product review, inspirational video, just name it. You earn money with Google Adsense program and in which case your video must get lots of views or download before you can make any sensible money out of it.

HubPages – if you are good at writing, you can leverage the reputation and traffic of the site to earn money. You can offer opinions, valuable tips, reviews, etc on the site with an expected share of 60 percent of ads earning.

InfoBarrel – make money writing articles, reviews, “how to” guides and videos on the social website. Revenue sources are derived from Amazon Associates, Chitika and Google Adsense programs, and revenue sharing varies from 75 percent to 90 percent of Adsense earnings.

Squidoo – the site allows you to create single web pages on your areas of interests. You can then monetize your web pages with Google Adsense or affiliate links. If you really do this very well, you can boost your income potentials.

WebAnwers – just as implied in the name of the site, it is all about questions and answers. You get paid from the revenue realized from the ads displayed on your answers.

BestReviewer – you earn from posting reviews on the website. A big plus is that you receive 100% revenue made from Adsense.

RateItAll – you can make money on this revenue sharing website providing reviews of products and services that you have used or tested. You get paid 50% of revenue generated from Adsense on your reviews.

TipDrop – the website is all about tips on any topic. You can potentially earn 75% Adsense revenue from giving tips on the website.

Flixya – Flixya is a social networking website where you can earn 100% of Adsense revenue generated from your contents. You can share images, videos and blogs on the platform and make money doing so.

Final Note

The only drawback of this method is that you are helping building another man’s business empire and if anything should go wrong in future, your contributed efforts will go down with it. if you are not worried with this, revenue sharing sites are great places you can earn extra income from your creative efforts.


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